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13 Time management tips for marketers and entrepreneurs

13 Time management tips for marketers and entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that your life as a digital marketer is difficult and full of tasks and every day you face a pile of distractions and distractions from all directions: continuous updating of social networks accounts, periodic follow up and analysis of activities, continuous dissemination of content etc ... with many important along with many The dispersants are also easy to feel upset and lack of time. Here comes the importance of discipline and focus on the most important things if you want to achieve real success. In this article we will share with you a set of tips and tools that will help you as a digital marketer to manage your time and work more effectively.

General tips to keep time

1. Always set time limits

When you allocate a certain amount of time to a particular task, you will find yourself more productive. During work you will be exposed to a lot of distractions and side effects that will affect your time and your main interest. Setting a specific amount of time for each task will make you avoid this problem. You can use a countdown tool to ensure that you focus on completing the task on which you are working.

Let's say you want to write some social networking publications, set a time limit of 25 minutes, use a timer to countdown to your phone, or even use the Google gadget. All you have to do is type a timer into your search engine. The main benefit of the down counter is that it gives you some urgency, which motivates you to complete the task before the time is up.

2. Avoid multitasking simultaneously - Multitasking

For me, work on more than one task at a time of bad legends that have spread over time. Scientists have shown that our brains work best when they focus on just one thing. "Focus is the key to showing and fulfilling your desires." Focusing on one task and completing it and then moving on to others will make you feel motivated. It will motivate you to work more and more. If you complete 20% of the 5 tasks, you will not feel any achievement or at least not the same feeling as when you accomplish one task 100%.

3 - prevent the delights or dispersants

We work in different circumstances, some work is done at home and some are at work office or maybe your own office. Whatever your situation and where you work, you will need to develop a specific mechanism that gives you the ability to pay attention to the task you are working on, for example:

close the door.
Turn your mobile phone into flight mode
Close other applications that you do not need on your computer.
The famous author Gray Keller wrote about how important it is to focus on one thing at a time, and to explain what happens when something else breaks in and ends in this picture:

When you lose concentration, you will need to make a double effort to return to the focus mode again, so you should be sure to eliminate the distractions.

4 - Invest some time in education

The idea of ​​this point may not be straightforward, but if you spend some time learning a new skill now, this skill can help you save time in the future. For example, learning how to use a social media posting tool will save you time in the future.

5 - Outsourcing to complete your tasks - Outsourcing
There is no reason why you should not assign tasks to other people to save time, effort, or money. If you are a freelance entrepreneur you can hire a virtual assistant - VA - to help you with some administrative tasks or have an independent designer to design some graphic formats. When you do the math, it's important that the cost is much more effective than you think.

For example, if you work as a freelance writer and charge $ 20 for each article, and you finish the article in an hour and need another half hour to spell check and language review, instead of doing it yourself you can deal with an independent reviewer for $ 5, By doing so you have been able to save $ 5 and have earned some time to work on your main concern. Simply, you do not need to do everything yourself.

6. Take breaks regularly

Unstoppable work is not the best use of your time, our bodies and minds work best when you take breaks regularly.

The ratio of working hours to rest periods varies according to different scientific studies, but according to Tony Schwartz you need to work for 90 minutes and then take a rest for 20 minutes. Another study recommends working for 52 minutes and taking rest for 17 minutes.

7. Keep track of your time continuously

Quite frankly, do you know how much time you spend on each activity of your activities over the course of sleep, we usually laugh at ourselves. Try using an application such as TimeMyLife or RescuMyTime to get an accurate record of the time you spend on each task and to see which activities consume the bulk of your time.

8. Do not waste your time on things that do not work

As a marketer, you should always evaluate your various campaigns and marketing activities online, do not be compassionate and cut off things that do not work at their roots and invest this time elsewhere. It is important to provide efforts and guide them to success.

9 - Use tools with real benefits

It does not mean managing time and using it to the fullest, using an endless number of useless tools, this is more harmful. If you try to use many tools that are not suitable for your business, you will probably waste time and money as well. Instead of using 5 tools to do five different tasks, look for one tool that performs these tasks simultaneously to make the most of the time, and money as well.

Time-saving tips for social networks

10. Choose marketing channels carefully

The more channels or social networks you focus on, the more time you spend working on these channels. The first step is to identify which channels you really need to focus on; you must choose the channels that offer the greatest benefit to your business.

11 - lose interaction data permanently

When was the last time you saw the interaction on social networks? You've probably done a lot of searches and read dozens of articles to find out the best times of day you should post to make the best possible interaction, but have you ever thought about looking at your page's data and trying to answer that question based on real data?

You can use free analytics tools provided by social networks like Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights to see when audiences are more interactive.

12. Scheduling of publications

Scheduling publications on social networks helps spread content where the audience is active and also gives you space and saves you time to work on other tasks. There are dozens of tools you can use to schedule publications on networks.

13- Using ready-made templates

Many marketing activities on social networks are constantly repeated, so it makes perfect sense to create or use some templates and ready-made objects instead of building them from scratch every time. For example, you can use some ready-made templates to create publications on social networks using tools such as Canva, or save a certain set of widgets for permanent use. This process will save a lot of time and effort daily.

Very important: I would also advise everyone to read the detailed article on the organization of the time we shared earlier.

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