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4 platforms used by Bill Gates to learn daily

4 platforms used by Bill Gates to learn daily

Bill Gates is the founder, technology consultant and board member of Microsoft, the world leader in software, services and technology solutions. He served as Chairman of the Board until February 4, 2014. On June 27, 2008, he left the Board of Directors of the company to take care of the charity, which is directed to a large part of his time and funds through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates did not complete his studies at Harvard University in the 1970s to co-founder Microsoft. Nevertheless, he never stopped teaching and emphasized that he occasionally had training courses and taught university courses. In this post, we will learn about four tools and resources used by Bill Gates for daily learning on the Internet, according to a CNBC report on the most prominent tools used by the US billionaire in this area.

Khan Academy

This site is certain to have been heard about. It appeared in 2006 by an Indian who started to publish a series of mathematics lessons, especially in his own site. This idea has grown to a great extent and is now called the Khan Academy, offering special video lessons in mathematics, science, economics and history. Khan Academy has about 4,000 lectures in the form of videos on the Internet.

The site was launched in 2013 with the aim of teaching children computer science in schools and supports many languages, including Arabic

The Teaching Company

This platform provides educational and teaching materials from lectures by senior professors, academics and experts from various major universities in the United States. And of course these courses are driven through which can sail in different sciences, especially the history of Egyptian hieroglyphics and other sciences.

Big History Project

The great history teaches our past, clarifies our present, and imagines our future. It's the story of us. An idea arose out of the desire to go beyond the fields of specialized and self-contained study to understand history as a whole. This growing multidisciplinary approach focuses on high school students, but is designed for anyone seeking answers to the big questions about the history of our universe.

The Big History Project is a joint effort between teachers, researchers, scientists and their supporters to offer a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge for lifelong learners around the world.

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