Thursday, September 27, 2018

5 techniques to speak any language | Sid Efromovich | TEDxUpperEastSide

5 techniques to speak any language | Sid Efromovich | TEDxUpperEastSide

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Sid is our resident hyperpolyglot. He grew up in Brazil and after some journeying around the world, he now lives an exciting life in New York where he works as a Sugar Trader.

Teaching has always been one of his passions and he has led groups of young leaders since 2006. He has given workshops, talks and classes in 3 different continents and is currently a Master Teacher in Skillshare where he teaches classes on nurturing happiness and learning foreign languages.
Sid is also the founder of I Embrace You (formerly called Hug Don't Hate), based in Boston. After presiding over the organization and leading over 100 volunteers annually, he was recognized with the top leadership award in his graduating class at Boston University. He also holds an MBA from Purdue University and from Leibniz Universität.

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#1 make mistakes
#2 forget your languages rules
#3 find sticklers
#4 shower conversations in the language ur learning.(dosent have to be in shower.)
#5 coversation buddy

I grew up speaking
1. Azerbaijani (my mother tongue)
2. Russian (my old school was a Russian-speaking school)

When I moved, at school I learned
3. English (cause the school is an English-speaking school)
4. Norwegian (the school is in Norway)

At school, they also teach me
5. Spanish (I’m not quite fluent, but I’m pretty good)

Because of K-Pop (BTS), and K-Dramas, I am teaching myself
6. Korean (Hangeul, 한국어)(I know how to read and write, so I just need to work on expanding my vocabulary)

Unfortunately things are not that simple. Sid grew up with four languages. This means that from day one his brain got "wired" to live in four different worlds, so to speak. Once you speak four languages, any additional language will be much easier to learn than it would have been otherwise. Sid is no special talent; he was lucky to have been given the opportunity to grow up in a multilingual environment and he should thank his parents for this wonderful gift.

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