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A comprehensive guide to blogging and web publishing

A comprehensive guide to blogging and web publishing

Based on ideas of creative participation and enrichment of Arabic content on the Internet in various fields, as well as on the basis that the zakat of science published. Through blogging and e-publishing we can easily reach a target audience with ease; to spread science and knowledge, blogging or even promote products and industries.

Blogging Full Guide

Topic content
Why you should create a blog and join the blogging community.
What are your favorite blogging platforms?
How to choose the appropriate blogging platform.
Choose the right web hosting.
Why you should create a blog and join the blogging community
Blogs have become very fast becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate and disseminate information and news. Literally there are millions of blogs in various fields, such as: scientific, cognitive, entertainment, travel blogs, fashion and others.

Creating a blog is very easy, and it takes only 5 minutes and a few steps to get a blog that has an online address that can be accessed by the distributive online, start posting and get the audience to read your posts, and there are thousands of bloggers making money by blogging and selling products. Promote them.

Steps of the topic
1. What are your favorite blogging platforms
Choosing the blogging platform - where you want to blog - is the first and most important decision you should make, let's say you've heard of Blogger or Wordpress once. They're examples of the world's largest blogging platforms. Millions of bloggers use it. Alone has more than 85 million hosted blogs.

*** Say, for example, that you do not know what bloggers, Wordpress, etc., are simply electronic platforms that provide the user with a domain to start his blog and get a free URL on the Internet like yourname.blogger.com.eg or yourproduct.wordpress.com without Cost, or provide a paid URL for your major domain blog, such as a site, eg www.ghorab.ws, for an annual fee to be paid to the hosting platform of the blog.

Do not worry, free blogging services continue to offer free extended services to ensure that you can publish an endless amount of data and information on the Internet.

Blogging platforms infographic

According to Technorati statistics for most blogging platforms and CMS content management, Wordpress comes first with 48% (divided into 9% of free hosted blogs at Wordpress.com and 39% self-hosted blogs on private servers).

Distinctive in the types of blogs is to provide many features that help the user to manufacture its content online without the need to know any of the code code, through the editor contains tools to enable the text format and the addition of images and multimedia with ease.

1.1. How to choose the appropriate blogging platform.
We will review together the most important features of the famous blogging platforms and what you need dear reader just choose the right for you. - There are tips at the end of the subject is very important you can see on this part of the topic -.

Blogging Platforms

1.1.1. Blogs Wordpress.com
Wordpress.com stores the content of your blog on their servers for free. However, there is a paid version of Wordpress that offers greater benefits for a fee. However, the free service is a nice choice for amateur bloggers who want to display content on the Internet appropriately and easily, and it is a good service for those who plan to upgrade to self-hosted Wordpress blogs in the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wordpress.com:

Price: Free.
Easy to use, does not require any knowledge of programming or design.
Provides hundreds of ready-made templates suitable for almost all areas.
Provides 3 GB of space for hosting photos, videos and multimedia, with the ability to embed images and videos from external services such as YouTube.
Provide limited free functionality unless you pay for upgrades, but keep the free features available very appropriate.
Your website comes this way: yourname.wordpress.com
The free service can be linked to a main domain such as www.ghorab.ws for example.
1.1.2. Blogger Blogs
Since Google's acquisition of Blogger, it has made many improvements to it, linking it to useful services for webmasters like Adsense, Analytics and others. It is now a great platform that attracts millions of amateur and professional bloggers and brand owners who want to invest money, trade and generate revenue online. The service is easy to use, very suitable for beginners.

Blogger benefits and disadvantages.

Price: Free.
Adsense ads and profit can be placed through content posting.
Provides hundreds of ready-made templates with access to HTML codes for these designs, providing more customization options for the blog format.
Provides virtually unlimited space for hosting images and content, with the possibility of embedding images and video from external services such as Youtube.
Your website comes this way: yourname.blogspot.com.eg
The free service can be linked to a main domain such as www.ghorab.ws for example.
1.1.3. Tumblr Blogs
Templer is a blogging / social platform at the same time, an ideal place for bloggers who like the idea of ​​re-posting, the best platform for young bloggers who publish short stories. It may not be the best service to start if you plan to develop your blog and write long content in the future.
Advantages and disadvantages of tumblr.

Price: Free.
Unlimited storage.
Approximately 1000 templates of ready-made designs with access to HTML and CSS for those designs, providing more customization options for the blog format.
Backup - Importing or exporting your blog content from other platforms is difficult, meaning that it will be difficult for you to migrate from that platform to another platform, as is common among other platforms.
Blog control options are fairly limited.
2. Choose the right web hosting.
If you are an old follower of Ghorab website, or if you are a new follower, I would like to know that the site policy is always keen to provide free alternatives and possibilities available on the Internet, but it is also known and obvious that any service is paid $$$ to get them come with more features and capabilities that Supports blog entity quality and supports visitor / customer confidence more in your blog.

Of paid hosting features.

You get a major domain name such as www.ghorab.ws and not a subdomain such as ghorab.blogger.com.
You get plenty of space to host your content with other features.
Get more customizable blogs with free templates and plugins as you wish.
One of the most popular hosting services.

Unfortunately, I have many bad experiences with Arab hosting companies - do not blind it - so if you have some principles of communication in English and you can pay online with credit cards, I advise you to deal with international companies, such as:

Hostgator. *Recommended*
3. Tips.
The site of Crow, proudly works on the free Blogger platform provided by Google and is linked to a paid main domain www.ghorab.ws, you can also visit this topic "Start from scratch without the costs of blogging or website".
Before you start a blog, think carefully about a suitable name.
Keep in mind the goal of enriching Arabic content on the Internet.
In the end, it is clear to all of you that the work of a site, forum or blog on the Internet is not difficult, but it is very easy and you can start without paying any expenses and through the investment of your site / project you will earn money to buy a domain and hosting paid and also be You have a financial income that covers the expenses of the site and you may earn a lot of money to take advantage of it in your personal life.

A little patience with work and setting future goals will reach Mptagak and you will be famous.

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