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Can Erdogan accept the American offer? Abandoning S-400 for F-35 aircraft

Can Erdogan accept the American offer?Abandoning S-400 for F-35 aircraft

Although the explosion of the recent crisis between Turkey and the United States of America was directly linked to the arrest of the American monk Andrew Branson, the size of the crisis and developments revealed the existence of other reasons highlighted and more serious led to the arrival of the allies in « NATO "to this level of political and economic clash.
With the crisis in advanced stages, the United States is no longer hiding its anger at the Turkish rapprochement with Russia, which in its most prominent form is the purchase of the Russian missile defense system S400, which Washington sees as a direct threat to NATO systems and a clear departure from NATO values.
In a development that was not directly related to Pastor Branson's crisis, US President Donald Trump made a formal decision to stop the delivery of F-35s by US congressmen as a response from Washington to Ankara's purchase of the S-400 system from Russia.
A few days ago, a delegation from the US Congress visited Ankara and delivered a clear and direct message to Turkish officials that Washington was ready to reactivate Turkey's delivery of the advanced F-35s in return for Ankara abandoning the purchase of the S-400 package from Russia.
While Washington still hopes Turkey will back down on the S-400 deal, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pouring all his efforts to press Russia to speed up the delivery of the first phase of the deal, as well as hinting at the replacement of the F-35 project by buying advanced Russian aircraft.
On Friday, Erdogan said: "Turkey needs missile defense systems' S 400 agreement around is over. God willing, we will take it as soon as possible. " He also stressed that Turkey is a partner in the program of manufacturing the F-35 and paid $ 900 million of the value of the deal for the purchase of 120 aircraft of this type, but stressed that "the equation of one pole has ended the world" and that his country will resort to get advanced aircraft from others in the case Washington rejected this, in reference to the Russian option. A few days ago, in a telephone conversation between Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Turkish president urged Moscow to accelerate the delivery of his country's S-400 system, while Erdogan is expected to renew his request at the expected summit between leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Tehran on the seventh of this month, Turkey will receive its first S-400 battery next year.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gaooshoglu reiterated that Ankara needs the Russian S-400 system, stressing that it is not an option but a necessity. "We have previously asked our allies, and above all the United States, to provide us with such systems. They did not sell it to us, or did not want to sell. But we need that system and the S400 is not an option but a necessity. "
In recent years, as threats from Syria and Iraq escalated, Turkey stepped up its efforts to obtain an advanced defense system, negotiated with China, Russia and NATO for a defensive system and signed agreements with an Italian-French company for the manufacture of a national defense system. Along with medium-sized domestic systems currently under development.
After months of talks, Turkish Defense Minister Noureddine Janikli announced at the end of last year that his country had concluded an agreement with Russia entirely to buy four S-400 air defense batteries, which is considered an anti-early warning system, , Reconnaissance planes, and anti-ballistic missiles, after Ankara accused Washington and NATO of "procrastinating" in selling the Patriot system.
Months ago, Trump again raised the issue of Turkey's sale of air defense and missile defense system Patriot in a telephone conversation with Erdogan, where Turkish media revealed that Trump objected to the resort to Turkey to buy a strategic defense system from Russia, although it is one of the most prominent NATO countries between Ankara The Patriot system, but then government spokesman Bakir Bouzdag said: "Erdogan told Trump, that Turkey asked the United States to buy Patriot, but the request was rejected, prompting Ankara to fill their needs from elsewhere," and continued: «Trump Show Erdogan, the sale of his country system, Erdogan responded to the offer that no Its ready to diversify its defense systems, air »without any reference to the possibility of considering an alternative to the American system of Russian.
In addition to the S-400 crisis, Moscow appears to have been caught in the US-Turkish dispute over the F-35s and the Turkish threat to resort to Russia. Victor Kladov, coordinator of international cooperation at Russia's Defense Industries, said that Ankara and Moscow possess sufficient capabilities to manufacture A joint fifth-generation combat fighter "in a move that will consolidate military and technical cooperation between them, as he put it.
While observers see that it is still too early to talk about a final ban on the sale of Turkey F-35 aircraft being part of the draft aircraft industry and NATO's reluctance to move further towards Russia, they agree that the possibility of Ankara's abandonment of the deal S-400 Pat past, and the issue of receipt and activation On Turkish territory has become an issue only if relations between Moscow and Ankara have not faltered for other reasons.

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