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Domains Trading Profit from buying and selling Domains for Beginners step by step

Domains Trading Profit from buying and selling Domains for Beginners step by step

We recognize today my love on how to profit from the trade Domains buy and sell domains, which is one of the most important methods of profit from the Internet, which increase day by day spread of large profits that you can achieve them

Domains Trading - Profit from buying and selling domains
The number of sites is increasing day by day madly and each site owner needs a distinctive name of the site is one of the most important factors that help spread the name of the site and distinguish between millions of websites on the Internet and here we will try to get these distinctive Domains and then offer for sale at a higher price and we get The difference may amount to millions of dollars - if you are lucky - and you have a special domain before you
To find out how profitable it is for you to know that there are a group of dominants that have been sold in millions of countries such as insurance.com, which was sold at $ 35.6 million in 2010 and this is another list on the most expensive domains sold on Wikipedia

However, it must be assumed that increasing the profit from the dominion trade depends on the capital you start with and you can try to compensate the capital by increasing the effort in searching for a special domain and acquiring it as soon as you find it. Also, luck has a very big role too. The name
It may buy some short and good dominants that you think are suitable for Arabic sites. For example, you can find letters using Jawadadi coupons available for less than a dollar and then reselling them with much larger amounts on some Arab sites and forums. However, For a much larger amount and will need further steps we will learn later. Some may buy a domain with $ 10,000 or $ 100,000 and are sure that they will be repaid more than that.

Before the Beginning: Important Tools You Must Own To Start Selling And Buying Domains
To start trading dominines you must of course have a way to pay and receive money

Visa or MasterCard for purchase Here you may find ways to obtain a Visa and Mastercard without a bank account
Calculate the alpay pal explaining the registration in alpay pal
A US bank account to receive your profits from some sites such as Sedo and you can get it through Pioneer here
And also an account in some locations to be able to buy and sell Domains and some of them
First sites to buy and sell domains and from them

Godaddy site: the first site to reserve dominaries in the world and a number of extensions that suit all areas and the series of many offers and tools that you can use such as
Bulk domains service, which enables you to search hundreds of domains in one search
Godaddy Auctions, where you can sell Domains through auctions for more information here
The Backorder service enables you to book some finished domains before they become available to everyone again to access the service from here
Namheap site: One of the best international sites for booking Domains, which provides a large number of extensions very cheap, which may start some of the 48 cents only and provide many offers per month on the purchase and transfer of the domain, you can follow the page offers from here
Namecheap Marketplace: which provides you with many domains you can purchase and you can view your domain for sale to access the service from here
Dynadot is one of the most popular sites for cheap Dominet dot com for up to 6.99 unlimited number of Domains and for the duration of the booking plus free whois privacy when purchasing the domain plus many very cheap extensions but which highlights the existence of a number of important services for buying and selling domins
Auctions Auctions: You can buy or display your own domain to be sold by auctions to enter on auctions from here
You will also find through its Marketplace the service of the Pac-Order to reserve the finished Domains before making it available to everyone again
Site Sedo: One of the most important sites where you must have an account to buy and sell very distinctive ranges through auctions and through direct selling offers and many of the distinctive tools that you can browse all of them here
What is the domain or domain and what are the domain extensions and importance
Valdomin or domain is the name of the website, whether free or paid to be a substitute for the IP number, which is the title of your website so as to be easier for the visitor to remember and come back mechanism again and it consists of name and extension
Eg e3rf.net
e3rf is the name of the site
net is an extension site
The name you can choose any name you want and want, either letters or numbers and also may include the police
Extenders You can choose between many extensions available, each of which extends to a particular site type, as well as extensions to countries
Fashher's three extensions are com, net, org
com is the commercial-commercial extension and the most widely used among all websites whether commercial or not
net is a special service sites, networks and electronic portals
org for websites and non-governmental organizations

As well as many other important extensions
.info, .biz, .xyz, gov, edu and others

And country extensions such as
.uk, .co, .mx and others
And here is what matters to us is how to use these extensions to link with some words that give a professional and very distinctive and therefore not a requirement to never get a special domain dot com to be able to trade, but there are some extensions that you can sell at a very high price of the domain dot com, With 643 extensions, you can check these computations very well to find that many of them when linked to some letters or words are given one word for two distinct languages. For example, an energy in the sense of energy which may seem strange when merged with a word such as solar to become a solar. The price is very large and is offered by Paypal Al on Jodadi for 100 thousand dollars so when the follow-up of these new extensions will be able to continuously get a very special price up to Domains hundreds of thousands
How to find the special Domins I bought for trading
You will find unique trading demos either by buying new Domains or Sniper Domins ending

First, the search of the domins ended expired domains
The dominoes that existed before that and did not renew the domain for any reason and you can find millions of them on a site such as
Then filtering by extension, number of characters or without numbers, number of baccalaureate Linux, registration in dmoz directory and many other filters
Second, find new characteristic Domins
Here we try to find new domains that have a unique name and have not been used before

The domain or domain is distinguished in case it is

A simple name meaningless
Quick save
Short contains three or four letters
Domains are attractively repetitive
Does not contain numbers in the case of trading in foreign sites - The situation is different with the Arab dominoes
Keyword has a great search rate on Google
Or a high CPC keyword
Keywords are people who type them into Google or any other search engine when searching for something on the Internet
There are many tools that help you to know these words such as a keyword planner, which is free from Google

Very important steps to check the domain before you buy it
When you find a good domain there are some steps that you should take to make sure this domain is distinguished and worth buying along with the name
First, make sure that the domain is not prohibited in Google
Google is the largest and best search network and when the domain is prohibited in this giant engine is useless because you are losing millions of visitors who are searching for the content of your site through Google
You can find out that the domain was banned in Google by searching Google cashe
You can do this by typing

cashe: domainmame.com

You write the domain name after
: cashe
You see if the domain you are looking for is available or not

Second, make sure that the domain is not prohibited by Google Adsense
Google Adsense is one of the most famous and best ways to profit from sites and blocking the site with Asyn's very unfortunate things which must be confirmed before your purchase of Domin
You can find out if the site is banned in Adsense or not through these sites


But this is never possible if there is a triangular or quadrilateral domain to do a miracle and then to address Google to try to remove the ban

Thirdly, ensure the domain of the urinary and beige orthoretic
Dominator is one of the most important factors in the ranking of sites currently with Google and it also gives an overview of the strength of the links Albacin associated with this domain and thus access to the domain of the Domaine high-altitude is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this Domine or re-sell again
You can check out the Authorte and the DA and PA


Fourth: View the archives of this domain
Viewing the content and archive of the domain gives you a clear idea of ​​the content of this domain over the past years and therefore that the Oujda content or content in Chinese or other bad, it is better to stay away from this domain
You can view the archive of any site through
And write the domain name to see the content of this site over the past years, choose the year you want and watched the screenshot which shows the shape of the site as it was on the right
Fifth: the examination of the transfer of the domain during the past years and the records of whois of the Domenes
Here you can view the log of domain transfers during the years of the domain of the domain, which gives you an idea of ​​how strong or bad this domain and the number of periods and many important information that you can know through


Sixth: Check the site's beige Rank
Although Beige Rank has become not important in the ranking of sites on Google, but also getting the domain of a big Big Rank is also a good opportunity because there are some who invest in creating a site and then resell links and link to other sites because you get links from sites Beige High Rank improves your results well on search engines and has a number of other features and benefits

You can check your Beige Rank site from here


In case we can find a very special domain and want to buy it
We must know the domain at any stage now

Stages of life of the domain or life cycle of the domain
It is not just the end of the domain becomes available for booking there are a number of stages through the end domain before it becomes available for booking again, which is known as the stages of the life of the domain
Phase 1: Domain available for reservation available domains
Here the domain does not belong to anyone and it is available to anyone who has booked the domain from any site for booking Domains like Godaddy

Second stage: Registered domain
Here the domain belongs to one of the people who have resisted the hardness of one year or more

Phase III: Domain Expired expired domain
The owner of the domain has not renewed the company to suspend the domain and thus become the site does not work and within 24 hours of the expiration of the domain and contact the owner of the domain to be renewed and here can the owner of the main domain to renew the domain again without problems and here we note that can not transfer Domains are registered to other domains only after renewal on the same company first again
No one else can buy this domain, and this period ranges from 45 days depending on the policy of each site. You can know how to communicate with the registered company to know when to be available again.

The Phase of Salvation or Redemption: Redemption (Grace) Period
After the end of the previous stage enter the domain in a new stage for a month through which the domain owner can renew again but impose a very high fees, any of its name devoid of the domain for these large fees

Pending deletion: Pending Delete
At this point the domain owner can not retrieve it again and continue for 5 days and you can not do anything wrong waiting for the domain to be available again
And then back again to the first case, which anyone can do again

But the distinctive finite Domins wait for the final stage for the Dominions to buy
of course not
Before launching the domain again and reaching the final stage to become available to everyone is subject to auction and the bidder is the highest bidder

Sites where you can bid on dominates at this stage


Sites where you can view Domains for sale
Some of you have a special domain that you can be exposed to for sale through some sites such as Godaddy Auction, Premium Domain, Sido and Neem Ship
Godaddy site
Neem shipp site namecheap
Dynadot site
Location Sedo
The Arabic Domains can also be displayed in Arab sites and forums such as Trident, there is a special section for trading in Domains

You can view the domain directly for sale after a purchase or you can wait a period and also you can improve the domain more like the work of a site and improve the domain Outhorti and the number of strong baccalaureate and all the points that were mentioned when making sure the domain
If you do not know how to do it correctly, you can use one on the micro-service sites and free work, but it is important that it is done correctly so that it does not come as a result of reverse or legacy as it is
So we will know how to start trading Domains and the sale and purchase of domains and we will learn later on more details, including how to sell dominaries on Godaddy Prime and sell on the site Sedo in addition to a number of other details


Can you still make a decent profit purchasing and re-selling domains in 2018? The simple answer is, DAMN RIGHT YOU CAN! In this video I speak on my past success buying and selling domains, and share with you some of the top places to buy and sell in 2018.

I wonder is it a good idea to by a domain with a person's name? like if I know an instagram person or youtuber who is starting to get big, I can buy the domain name with their name and maybe at some point their are going to purchase it?

Just started doing this today. Had a domian I bought cause I was gonna created a website. Forget about it. Went back to renew it and saw it was worth way more then what I bought it for. That's when i thought about buying more domains. Which I did today

Bought a domain for a website a couple of years ago without even thinking I could re-sell it. It was for a website i build that I don't work with anymore. I sold it yesterday for 1.355 $ (bought it at 12.99 $ ). And now I'm watching this video to figure out how can I make more money from domain that I literally came up with while having a shower after having worked all day in my garden planting tomatoes.

Great info thanks for your time, I bought 2 domains with .com's and Godaddy has 1 valued at $1889 and other at $1788 have owned about 7 months ( obviously I will renew if I don't sell) I purchased domain's with intent on building a business and bought both .com names in case I chose to use either one I also bought .org and .net but they valued at 500-900 , my question is since I probably won't do the business I intended do to start-up cost and start-up time is where to sell ( godaddy or flicca or sedo) all 3 is what you said in video

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