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How to get a MasterCard from Paypal You get to your door for free

How to get a MasterCard from Paypal You get to your door for free

Welcome to my friend in this exclusive lesson through which you can get a card in your name and get to your door provided by Paypal.
Through which you can buy from the Internet, receive and transfer money from inside and outside, activate your account on the PayPal and you can also use it to withdraw money from any ATM in the world.
I want to remind you I love the pioneers of professional blog in this way will rest yourself from the fear of closing your account by 100%
Well what you need to ensure the success of this method:

The first stage
Get US Address:
Someone you know resides in the United States.
You can watch Episode 1058: Get a free residence address in the US + a nice surprise.
Create a fake ID card with the same American address that you got from the site or from the person you know (there are many free programs on the Internet, use Google to search and you will find many professional programs).

The second phase
After building the identification card we come to the registration stage here must:
Use VPN because the site does not support Arab countries (use any VPN that does not matter its quality. IP taking is not considered to verify that you are using PROXY or not.)
To register please click here

When accessing the above site you will fill in the required data as shown in the picture and then press Get Your Card. Congratulations you have become a MasterCard
After a day or two you will receive this email confirming the card's address in the United States.
You will reach the card within 10 days from there and send it back to your country

Stage 3: Activate the card
Fill in the required data as shown in the image and press Continue.

Enter the card number.
Enter the cvc2 number on the back of the card.

Last but not least congratulations card master card and the end of your problems with the activation of PayPal.
Important note: Your request may be in proof of your personal information
All you have to do is send an image to the phantom ID card.

Finally, I hope that I have succeeded in presenting this article and that you have received your admiration
In case you want any query leave a comment and I will answer it, God willing.

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