Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Launch of the delegation of Moroccan students at the International Olympiad for Media and Programming (IOI)

Launch of the delegation of Moroccan students at the International Olympiad for Media and Programming (IOI)

Launch of the delegation of Moroccan students at the International Olympiad for Media and Programming (IOI)
The participation of the delegation of Moroccan students participating in the International Olympiad for Media and Programming (IOI) is the world's most famous computer science competition for high school students led by Professor Anas Abul Kalam since the beginning of this month in the State of Japan.

The International Olympiad for Media and Programming (IOI), quoting the official page of Professor Anas Abul Kalam on Facebook, the largest annual international competition for students and students in the science of information and programming from about 130 countries. It is one of the oldest computer science competitions in the world, which brings together more than 900 mutators in each cycle. Students participating in IOI are among the most talented young computer scientists in the world who have the best international companies and universities.

The aim of the Olympiad is to motivate young people to learn the science of media and programming, to acquaint them with the latest technologies and developments and to discover outstanding young people who have exceptional talent in the field of informatics and programming and to encourage, train and train them by international trainers and promote international friendly and scientific relations between scientists and Computer science and programming professionals and encourage the organization of information competitions for students in secondary schools so that this culture spread among our youth and in our schools.

According to the law of participation in the Olympics, each team consists of four competitors (age less than 20 years of secondary and secondary students) and coach and president. Competitors are carefully selected at each national level. During the final competition, students compete for each national team and try to increase their score by solving problems and earning points. On each day of the competition, students are given three problems they must solve (using algorithms) and programmed in the computer within five hours.

The national team participating in the thirtieth session of the World Final Contest held in Tsukuba, Japan, from 1st to 8th September 2018. The four students of the Moroccan team are: Anwar Ashghaf from Tetouan - Bilal Al Bouardi from Sidi Bennour - Anas Shoukri from Beni Mellal - Hossam Hanafi Head of Mission: Dr. Anas Abul Kalam Trainer: Moncef Mahasani.

The head of the Moroccan mission, Dr. Anas Abul Kalam, also praised the role played by the Vice President of the Moroccan Olympic Games, Engineer Zia Haq Al-Falous. The Moroccan Association of Media Professionals (AIMAF), which was responsible for purchasing tickets, was supported by the Ministry of Information, while the Ministry concerned did not respond to our repeated calls for engagement (Albeit morally) in this unique experience, despite its importance and its international reach as the most important and prestigious international universities propose grants to the participants of the International Olympiad for media to study and the most famous international companies (google, IBM, Microsoft, ...) Proposes a work contract to the " Since Morocco from another enrollment by IOI where not regulated to only in 2017 individual initiative of Dr. Abu Anas speech.

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