Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Most common challenges to learning any programming language are how to surpass it!

Most common challenges to learning any programming language are how to surpass it!

Programming is undoubtedly enjoyable, one of the most demanding jobs of the 21st century. Start your first experiment with exciting programming and you love to work and write your code all day long. But wait; after a few weeks, the downside comes when you start facing difficult algorithms to solve them. You may spend long hours sitting in a crowded place staring at the computer screen and wondering, What did you find after all this long sitting in front of the computer?

Feel frustrated, lazy, angry and pleased. You will begin to ask yourself whether programming means something to you or not. Should it continue? Especially when it takes a few months in programming and feels like nothing pays off.

In this article, I will try to list some of the challenges that programmers face in general during programming and we will try to point out some points that will keep you a programming catalyst and commit to your decision.

Challenges that a programmer might face?
Since this is a broad topic to explore and to talk about, also taking into account the ambiguity of this question, I will try to discuss the most common responses and feelings that I feel are more important. There may be other things suffered by others.

Well, learning programming is a challenge and take time, and test your patience, dedication and brain. Programming is like going to the gym. Even if you spend a full week and spend a full weekend, you will not see a clear difference in your body. You need to keep this routine all the time in order to reach a satisfactory outcome for you.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner, an expert or a professional. Programming is sometimes difficult for everyone, and sometimes it becomes frustrating if you do not understand how to find a solution. In this case, just keep looking for the solution.

Programmers face many challenges on a daily basis when they program programs from scratch, conduct a competitive code or solve a common problem using computer science concepts. Programming is actually a balance between many different things. It requires you to be creative and organized.

There are many challenges I can write but I'll just list a few. It may be applicable to you or may not be so, but it depends mostly on the nature and nature of your programming area.

Learn a new language at first.
Do not know what and how to start the code?
Working on code from someone else's programming.
Keep abreast of new technology and concepts and updates.
Correct silly mistakes.
Sit for hours with no outputs and no solutions on the horizon.
Lack of good planning of the program.
Do not understand what the user wants from you.
Logical and analytical approach to a particular problem.
All test cases during code testing.
How to perform a solution efficiently in less time?
Feeling lost when returning to boring and weak documents.
There are many more ...

Solve the above problems
The more you practice regularly to learn programming, the more likely you are to begin to see coding skills and solve problems. Because technology changes rapidly every day, you should find time to keep up with the important changes that may affect your skills. If you do not want to stumble somewhere or restrict yourself to technology, just keep learning.

When you find yourself confined and sitting, take a short break. Go on vacation. When you return, start thinking again about the problem you left behind. If you are a beginner, start with any language where there is no perfect language to start with and no shortcut to success. It's just your passion and your time that makes you a better programmer.

You can change the fact that your job is not just programming, but you're creating something that millions of people might use. Just imagine this, do not you feel good because you will be responsible for those happy and smiling faces. If you are stuck somewhere in your code, get out of your house for a short distance or prepare a cup of coffee and start over.

Fixing a programming bug may put a lot of pressure on you. Debugging is an option but it may seem like no hope in it, right? And even more so for new programmers. Some errors are easy to fix, some of them take some time. But, a lot of problems have no clue. This is frustrating for new programmers and it is your duty to fix it at all costs. You must have a good debugging strategy during coding. You should test the code block frequently to make sure that everything works according to your need.

Do not forget to visit the sites and put your problem, there are many sites that will benefit you without doubt and have talked about some of them in previous topics in the blog professional

Working on logical thinking to increase your thinking abilities with regard to situations is a good choice. A good programmer is a big problem that breaks down into small parts and then solves those one by one. Start thinking this way. Think of it as a user and then perform the solution.

 Never forget that programming combines logical thinking with creativity, and in the end, you'll have something you can be proud of and that's what motivates most people. But it tests the limits of your thinking and determination. So, do not give in and keep trying. Good luck, God reward you!

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