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salman al awdah : 37 charge and call for death

salman al awdah : 37 charge and call for death

Ahmed Al-Risouni

Finally, after a year of kidnapping and forced disappearance, the "announcement" of the start of a "secret trial" of the preacher Sheikh Salman al-Awda was announced. According to news published in Saudi newspapers recently, the Public Prosecutor's Office demanded the execution of the death sentence in favor of the honorable Sheikh, after he was charged 37 charges !!

Since I know Sheikh Salman well and long ago, I began to think about these thirty-seven charges, and I said to myself: Since the trial is confidential and the charges are confidential, it is imperative for those who know the Sheikh and his ideas and biography to reveal to the people "his actions and crimes and subversive ideas," which For which he deserved secret abduction, secret detention, secret torture, and secret trial.

 Here is a service to the truth - I reveal to you about those thirty-seven crimes, 37 committed by Professor Sheikh Salman Al-Awda, or suspected of committing it !!

1 - his insistence on moderation in religion and in all its affairs,

2 - His excessive tolerance,

3 - violating the approach of the sheikhs of the Kingdom, especially some of the fatwas of the senior scholars,

4 - his book, which angered the sheikhs of the kingdom and overcome them: (do and no embarrassment), a book that will spread religious chaos in the name of facilitation and lift embarrassment,

5 - his book (questions of the revolution), and address alone enough to indicate the objectives of the destructive approach,

6. Despite his many affiliations, he did not write any book about the glories of this blessed country, nor of any of its great kings,

7 - His insistence on compassion and peaceful approach, although this may be temporary and temporary,

8 - insist on what he calls advice to the governors of things,

9 - his belief in the principle of enjoining good and forbidding evil, which can be taken as an outlet for chaos and strife,

10 - not to stop the corruption and demand for reform, despite warning several times of the consequences of that,

11. His repeated demand for the release of the sheikhs and other prisoners of conscience,

12 - Several days delay before going to the allegiance of Crown Prince, and then Crown Prince,

13 - Relaxing in the call to obey the rulers of things,

14. His permanent smile, which hides his ill-health,

15 - His good relationship with his opponents, as with his friends, so I have written a book entitled (thank you enemies), and this approach is dangerous and suspicious,

16 - popularity of millions of fans and followers, which may be a threat to the guardian and the Kingdom,

17 - his love and respect for the people and people hated by the guardian,

18. His slowness and coldness in supporting the bold projects of the Crown Prince,

19. Support for the Palestinian people and the Hamas movement, against the new official policy of the Kingdom,

20 - to demonstrate hatred and rejection of Israel, knowing that the guardian has changed his mind on the subject,

21 - His secret and public criticism of the allies of the Kingdom and its friends, whether Arabs or Westerners, and is a challenge to the wise policy of the guardian,

22. His secret questioning of the legitimacy of generous grants and financial donations provided by the Crown Prince and Crown Prince to their Arab, American and other friends,

23. The dubious success of his advocacy projects, characterized by creativity and heresy,

24 - His frequent visits to a number of Arab, Asian and European countries, ??

25 - Communicating with scientists, leaders and citizens of foreign countries, and talking with them in political affairs of the jurisdiction of the guardian,

26 - Learn in recent years of the English language, which indicates his quest for further communication and conspiracy ...,

27 - Frequent to Qatar and delivered several speeches and lectures in mosques,

28 - refused to attack Qatar and condemned after the siege of the famous four,

29. His clear optimism - in a famous tweet - of the telephone call between the Emir of Qatar and His Highness the MBS, an implicit invitation to reconcile with Qatar and end the siege against it, which would be considered a defeat for the Kingdom,

30. His sympathy with Turkey and his joy at the failure of the coup attempt of the summer of 2016,

31 - his repeated calls for reform of the interrelationship among the governors of the affairs of Muslims, which means that settled among them, and settle between the blessed Kingdom and its opponents,

32 - His good relationship with the sheikh of terrorists The mark of Yusuf al-Qaradawi,

33 - rejection of the withdrawal from the World Federation of Muslim Scholars like the most intelligent of the sheikhs of the Kingdom,

34. His refusal to resign from the post of Assistant Secretary-General of the World Union of Muslim Scholars, like Sheikh Ibn Bey,

35. He refused to condemn the World Federation of Muslim Scholars and branded him a terrorist in accordance with the new official position of the guardian,

36 - his apparent and hidden sympathy with Qatar, the arch enemy of his country,

37. His constant efforts to destabilize and create strife in the Kingdom and other Arab countries.

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