Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"Sins" just to deny him competition for the African Music Awards

"Sins" just to deny him competition for the African Music Awards

The recent events, which followed the Moroccan singer Saad simply for being accused of rape again, led to the withdrawal of his nomination as the "best Arab singer" in the AFIRMA Award for the African Music Awards nomination committee.

Saad was just a candidate for the African Best Artist Award and the best song in Africa for his recent song "Casablanca", which made 58 million hits on his official YouTube channel, as well as his nomination for the best artist award for artwork in North African countries .

The decision of the African competition committee came just days after the investigating magistrate in France issued a simple follow-up on rape charges for the second time, in case he was released, following his performance to ensure bail of 150,000 euros.

He lived just for a bad psychological state, deciding not to interact with recent events, keeping silent after leaving prison, and ending the period of custody.

The "Afrima" awards are one of the most important African music awards, and are nominated for a number of leading singers and musicians on the continent. They will win five awards: Best Singer, Best Singer, Best Song, Best DJ, Best Musical work ".

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