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Syria: How do you prepare the world for a public massacre? The view of Jerusalem

Syria: How do you prepare the world for a public massacre? The view of Jerusalem

After 7 years, the Syrian regime and its allies have broken all the barriers that humanity has fortified itself through international law and has so far been able to enforce large crimes that have exceeded the brutality of the ability to ratify. It seems that there has been a kind of media exhaustion in everything related to the Syrian issue, Even among the Syrians themselves, especially after the decline of the role of the "Islamic State", which for years was the favorite of the world, as well as the decline in the number of Syrian refugees and those in power, not because of massacres, but because of the closure of land, sea and sky.
In addition, of course, US President Donald Trump's decision to hand over Syria's keys to his "friend", Russian President Vladimir Putin, and all that happened thereafter, to prevent funding for the Syrian opposition, to stop support for relief organizations, and the consequent decline of the role of Western countries France and Britain, which the Syrian regime officially declared to be able to control the rest of the country, confiscate the property of the absentees, announce the names of tens of thousands of people under torture from the disappeared, and clean the clothes of its officers and diplomats.
Worse still, the United Nations, in the words of its representative, Staffan de Mistura, provided the international political justification for the massacre by saying that the "Sham Liberation Organization" (or the "Fascist Front") was terrorist (understandable though it had declared its separation from al-Qaeda) and " And that the two parties, the regime and the opposition, have chemical weapons, which is a very harsh justification because it equates a party that does not have barges, planes, tanks and cannons (the means to use the alleged chemical weapon), and the United Nations has itself used chemical weapons dozens of times, UN reports have accused him of war crimes Birth and crimes against humanity (but remained a party is not a terrorist and should not be defeated).
It was expected that some Arab countries, united by a "unity of the situation" with the Syrian regime or close to Iran, would contribute to the choir of welcoming the "victories of the regime", directly or indirectly, and that some would throw knives to throw hundreds of thousands of refugees into The regime of President Bashar al-Assad and his security services, as was expected of some countries that appear to be less than the lining, as in the case of the UAE, to start the process of normalization with the bloody system, but the shift positions of some other Arab countries, which were considered among the opponents of the regime until recently , Such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was relatively strange, but read these verses Stand in the light of the internal changes in the Kingdom under the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and the regularity of Riyadh in a close "vision" of the world with Abu Dhabi (considering everything that is going on is a battle of life or death with the streams of political Islam!), Makes this shift understandable, By the foreign minister of the Assad regime, Walid al-Moallem!
Despite this general landscape and the fact that it is the result of uncontrollable global crises, especially in countries with major crises such as Jordan, significant Arab change, especially Saudi Arabia, towards the Assad regime seems too much and too slow. Saudi officials, And the implementation of one of the resolutions of the Security Council (resolution 2254, which fits the interpretation of the regime and Russia) etc. ... ignored two major issues: first, that the Syrian regime signed a new military security agreement with Iran (with a secret annex), the second is that a major massacre is going on Prepared for the civilian population of Idlib.
What was lacking in this great tragedy was the Russian "surreal" statements that the West was preparing to overthrow the Assad regime, that the opposition was preparing to use chemical weapons, and that the regime and Iran were talking about the "American strike" and the "triple aggression" Regional and Arab to attend a game in which the Assad regime receives blows from Israel and responds to them by eliminating the public from its people.

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