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The Watts-Ab talks are easy prey for pirates

The Watts-Ab talks are easy prey for pirates

London ( Al-Quds Al-Arabi ) - Hackers and Internet hackers have been able to access a person's conversations on WattsApp through a backdoor or a "loophole," the gap in Google Drive's backup, .
Google Drive is not in fact the power of WattsApp, nor is the flaw in application or encryption, but what happens is that millions of users, or overwhelmingly, upload back up on their Google Drive account "Of the conversations he is making on the application, if in the nature of the case uses an Android phone. Most people download these backups automatically, either daily, weekly, or more once a day, which means that a copy of these conversations is ultimately stored somewhere else.
Watspap revealed that the messages stored on Google's free service are not as secure as those protected by their internal systems.
The Facebook-based chat application recently worked with Google Drive to provide unlimited storage for Android users and backing up a person's data is vital to ensure that it is easily transferred when changing phones.
But Watts AG has revealed that all the chats stored on Google servers will not be encrypted, meaning that Google, unlike WattsPap, can access these conversations at any time, and that access to them by the hackers may It is easier to consider as unencrypted.
"The media and messages that you backed up are not protected by WTSAP encryption from start to finish while stored in Google Drive," Watts said.
Encryption has now become the cornerstone of many chat applications, but Google has come out of the base badly, allowing the hackers access and read private messages, according to a report by The Sun.
This warning does not apply to users of Apple phones, where backups are stored on the Encrypted i-Cloud system, which is among the most secure and immune systems in the world.

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