Thursday, September 6, 2018

Why should we be afraid of hackers?

Why should we be afraid of hackers?

No one will deny that artificial intelligence can move our lives to a new level. This new technique can solve many problems that a person can not do. But if artificial intelligence falls into the wrong hands, the civilized world can sink into chaos.

Of course, many believe that the supernatural mind of man's mind, such as artificial intelligence, will necessarily want to destroy us, as in the science fiction films showing how these new and intelligent machines can seek a ferocious war against man. Although the irony is that only humans can make good artificial intelligence or evil.

Researchers from Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and OpenAI have published a report on the misuse of artificial intelligence. She says the real danger comes from the hackers. With the help of malicious code, they can disable or disable automated systems and make them under their control

Researchers fear that technologies created with good intentions may be used to damage. For example, surveillance equipment can be used not only to catch terrorists, but also to track ordinary citizens. Researchers also worry about commercial planes carrying food. It is easy to intercept them and put something explosive in them. And other serious scenarios.

Another scenario of the destructive use of artificial intelligence is cars and self-driving vehicles. It's enough to change a few lines of code inside, and the devices will begin to ignore safety rules. We have already seen how many hackers have successfully penetrated and controlled these cars remotely.

Scientists believe that the threat can be digitally, physically and politically.

- Artificial intelligence is already used to study the weaknesses of different program codes. In the future, hackers can create a robot that goes beyond any protection.
- With the help of AI, a person can automate many operations: for example, to control a squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles or a group of vehicles.
- With the help of techniques such as DeepFake, one can affect the political life of the state and spread false information about world leaders with the help of robots on the Internet.

These frightening examples still exist only as an assumption. Authors of the study do not provide complete abandonment of technology. Instead, they believe that governments and large companies must be concerned about security, while the artificial intelligence industry is now emerging.

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