Saturday, September 1, 2018

Yahoo spies on its users by reading their own mail

Yahoo spies on its users by reading their own mail

Yahoo has faced problems protecting the privacy of its users. After multiple scandals involving piracy over the past years that have hit millions of users, Yahoo appears to be involved in a new scandal.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo is spying on its users by looking at their e-mail and content stored in the company's servers, and then the important information is extracted to be used for advertising purposes. Submit related ads to the user. According to the newspaper, it is about 200 million users.

Yahoo's Otah did not deny the information to the Wall Street Journal and confirmed it was in line with the law. Private robots and even some of the company's employees oversee it by looking at e-mail messages stored in servers, but the company said it was only about messages Commercial and not personal or personal, pointing out that the field of e-mail is not profitable enough and requires the use of the advertising side, while the company explained that the user can always disable the feature that allows tracking e-mail to use data For advertising purposes.

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