Monday, August 6, 2018

How do you think of a true center that leads to wealth?

How do you think of a true center that leads to wealth?

Since a long time ago I was talking to one of my friends. He told me that he had read a book. I do not think anyone wants to dig deeper into money and business.

A book called Think And Grow Rich ..

Like anyone who reads it the first time, my friend felt that the book was useful, felt positive and enthusiastic to start a new beginning with himself, and the reason for talking to me is that he wants to sit together to take my mind in what he thinks of his work

As I have more experience in the field of business and trust me because I am his friend 🙂

When we sat down, I felt that he had actually read the book but I did not feel he understood the address !!

Yes, he did not understand what the writer meant when he said, "Think of becoming rich," and that is what I came today to talk to you about

Everyone can think, this is not for specific people .. But who thinks correctly, is what will make this thinking rich ..

There is thinking that makes your mind not focus, makes it move to many different areas, and ideas are not organized .. And there is thinking that focuses much to find you the answer (answers) that will solve the problem

And this I see a clear difference between the successful person and others ..

When you sit with yourself and want and plan to have more money with you, how do you think ?? What do you ask yourself ?? I do not care about the answer .. I care about the same question 🙂

How do I get more money ??

Is this the question that will make your mind focus in thinking and give the right plan ?? Do not tell me you do not know ...

Or are there better questions you can ask yourself and all of them will lead to more money? :

* How do I make more customers watch the sales page without spending money?

Your mind will think .. Put it in your site, put it in an email to your mailing list automatically arrives, put it on your Facebook page, make a video and talk about it in YouTube, write an article and try to top in Google and sent to interested

* How do I make more customers enter the vanilla sold automatically?

Your mind will think .. My son something exchange their email with him to enter, do ads and send them to that thing, work a questionnaire to know something important and take their email to send them a result, do a contest

* How do I introduce a product to interested people on my list without showing as if I sell them?

Your mind will think .. I do the lessons to solve the problem they have in these lessons and show this product as a duty to reach a solution to the problem (and it is true of course)

Do you see the terrible difference between the first question and the other questions?

This is what Napoleon Hill was referring to .. Thinking the right position will lead to wealth, and this is very logical ..

Imagine that you are considering your work this way? In all aspects and all goals, focus on thinking about what will make your mind focus on an answer that will not lead to the result you want ...

I know that the article is not long and you are not used to this type of articles in my blog, but I really liked to write about this topic because I see many problems are not resolved by the owners only because of the wrong question !!

Tell me, do you find this kind of articles useful to you and suitable for putting it on the site? Or just put it as an email to my mailing list and the site here as you used to the explanations and practical applications ??

To be a National Wealth Center leader, you have to lead. Right!? Well, in today's video we'll share some common attributes of people who effectively lead their team to success. And it all starts by setting a good example for their members.

 In today's video I'll explain the importance of setting a good example for your team and what true leaders are doing to ensure the growth of their business. I've often heard that in this industry there are leaders and there are followers. I agree with that to a certain extent, but everybody really should be a leader. And everyone really IS a leader, even if they don't know it. A National Wealth Center leader doesn't just tell you what to do.. they do it, too! As I mentioned in yesterday's video, duplication should be a top concern in your business. And if you're only talking the talk (not actually walking the walk) then your members are likely to do the same. You want them to follow your lead and do like you do. So be the example that they're looking for. One thing I continue to hear from people is, "I got into XYZ company. The sponsor was really there for me before I joined. Now I can't get in touch with them!" This is unfortunate but some people (often claiming to be leaders) operate like this. You join and then they're gone. With our team we really are there to help our members EVEN after they've joined, lol. And as long as you are there for your members, they will continue to do the same on down the line. But it all starts with you setting the example! Hold yourself with the highest integrity - the National Wealth Center business is built upon relationships. More than that, it's built upon building and growing healthy relationships with people. So your reputation really IS your business. Keep that in mind as you go about your daily tasks and working with your people. Show patience and remember your commitment to them.  Along the same lines, keep your marketing honest! This is a biggie. I've seen marketers brag about making big money in this industry. Some of it true, some of it not. Just don't get caught up with fabricating your income. If you do, you're pretty much telling your members that lying is required to be successful, and that's simply not true.  If you're thinking about joining with me in National Wealth Center, just know that what you see is what they get. I'm the real deal and I would be excited for the opportunity to work with you and show you exactly how I've built a six-figure business in NWC. Click the link below or contact me for more information!

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  1. How do you think of a true center that leads to wealth?

    Since a long time ago I was talking to one of my friends. He told me that he had read a book. I do not think anyone wants to dig deeper into money and business.