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Top five paid jobs in computer science for 2018

Top five paid jobs in computer science for 2018

Getting a career in computer science is one of the most promising career choices we have these days. As almost every aspect of our lives is intertwined with technology, especially information technology, the need for professionals and experts in computer technology is increasing.

With the ever-growing global web, concerns about cybersecurity and access to social media, both large and small organizations rely on qualified computer careers. Yes, jobs exist but if you are in this area, you will agree that some technical functions are more profitable than others. This does not mean that it is less, but depends on where you are and what level of training you have.

Here are some of the top computer science jobs on the salary side in 2018.

1. Data world

Data scientists are among the best paid computer experts. Their characterization deals mainly with data, and it is about data collection, organization and analysis. Data collected and analyzed is then sent to managers who use the information to make critical decisions. Data scientists must have skills in programming, statistics, and analytical skills. Finally, they must have mathematical skills.

2. Network engineer

Computer network engineers deal with every aspect of computer networks. Their work involves doing everything from the design and implementation of computer networks and communications systems. They also deal with computer network layouts that deal specifically with wire and wireless connections. These experts are expected to come up with networking solutions that specifically meet the requirements of a particular institution.

3. Application Engineer

The application engineer plans to design and implement technology products and access various application programs that allow the user to perform many tasks on their computers or their mobile phones. They bear everything from software development, testing to software maintenance.

An application engineer must have exceptional skill in programming languages ​​and leadership skills. Most of them earn an average of $ 200,000 a year.

4. Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for designing and maintaining data across a variety of databases or information systems. Their primary responsibility in the organization is to ensure that the available data are accurate and readily available for retrieval and use. In addition, data engineers must be in a position to determine whether the available data is handled in the correct and effective manner. They work in collaboration with other computer specialists to ensure that computer data and systems are run efficiently.

5. Data warehouse manager

Data warehouse management is essential for every business or organization. The importance attached to the data warehouse makes the data warehouse manager important consulting figures in any organization. Data warehouse managers have the responsibility to analyze and evaluate users' needs of data and organizations. They design complex systems that ensure that data is stored and retrieved effectively.

The order shown here is based on an average of 5 top jobs from, and Job titles may vary in different regions but serve the same purpose.

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