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Was sabotage of the region a condition for the completion of the deal of the century?

Was sabotage of the region a condition for the completion of the deal of the century?

Look for Israel in everything that happens in the region. This, of course, is not a conspiracy against Israel in all that is happening to us. It is an Israeli plan that the Israelis admitted and published themselves decades ago. If you look at the war in Iraq since the early 1980s, Lebanon and Libya and the ongoing war in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, you will see it as a literal translation of the Israeli document known as the Oded Yenon document published in the 1982 edition of Kivunim. Zionism for the Middle East, "which is based on the vision of Zionist founder Theodore Herzl at the turn of the century.
The Yennon document is the most clear and detailed document to date on the Zionist strategy in the Middle East, and its significance is not related to its historical value, but to the nightmare it has presented. It focuses on weakening the Arab states and dividing them later as part of the Zionist expansionist project. From Palestine and annexation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to Israel. In his ominous document, Yennon called for dividing Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiites and one for Sunnis.
He also called for the division of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan and North Africa. He expected it to start from Egypt and spread to Sudan, Libya and the rest of the region. Arab and other countries will be divided on ethnic or sectarian bases according to the situation of each country.
The establishment of Greater Israel, according to the document, requires the fragmentation of existing Arab states into small states, each dependent on Israel for its survival and legitimacy, because the latter can only survive if it becomes a dominant regional power. This requires planning to beat the wedges among the Arabs so that they become divided and dispersed and ready to submit to their domination. The plan noted that the process of achieving the goal of excluding the Palestinians from Palestine never stopped. Does the Israeli national law now come to make Israel a state for Jews only and expel the Palestinians in accordance with the provisions of the Oded document?
According to the Oded document, the Palestinians are not the only target of the Zionist plan, but any Arab state, especially those with clear and consistent national visions, is also a sure target sooner or later. Arab countries, because of their ethnic and sectarian minorities, can not deal with their basic problems and thus pose no real threat to Israel in the long run. Iraq would have been no better than Lebanon, the Islamic countries (Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan), and it was not very different from the Arab countries. It described the region from Morocco to India and from Somalia to Turkey with turmoil and fragility.
"If Egypt breaks apart, countries such as Libya, Sudan and even the more distant Arab states will also be torn apart," Oded said. "The establishment of the Coptic Christian state in Upper Egypt with weak states around it is the key to a future historic process postponed by the peace agreement. Inevitable in the long term.
This terrible scenario is no longer a dead letter, and no longer falls within the framework of the schematic thinking. If we look at the Arab world now, we will find that what is going on is almost a literal application of the Oded document. See how Iraq became, see how Sudan became, and how it became Libya, Yemen and Syria. See what they are doing in Turkey. Is not the plot on the Turkish currency the beginning of a much more dangerous scheme? Did not the late Turkish leader Erbakan say in 1992: "If you see the spotlight on Syria, do you know that Turkey is the next target?" All the countries targeted by the Zionist plan are disintegrating according to the plan, or will disintegrate if the plan succeeds. We do not absolve the Arab regimes of the destruction, destruction and displacement in many countries, but is not what we see now in Syria a literal translation of the plan? Has Israel abandoned Syria's historic partition plan? Or is it still working to extract a Kurdish state in northern Syria to besiege Syria and Turkey? Do not you try to establish a state in southern Syria as a barrier between it and Syria for the same purpose? Did not an Israeli official last week call on Israel's Druze to live in Syria within a Druze state if they reject the new Israeli nationality law that makes Israel a Jewish state only? Is not what is happening in the Syrian city of Suwayda a source of unrest as an indication of Israeli dirty attempts to divide Syria and push the Druze to demand their own state? Should not all Syrians be vigilant about this scandalous scheme, and maintaining a unified Syria is more important now than anything else? Will the situation in Syria improve if, God forbid, the partition plan succeeds, or will it worsen dozens of times?
Is not the so-called deal of the century now that works to settle the Palestinian issue and finish off the rest of the Palestinians in their historic homes one of the manifestations of the ominous Oded document? Would it be the deal of the century if the last episode of the Israeli document succeeds?

Century dealmakers Gerard Kouchner plans, Trump paves the way, and brokers such as Al Sisi and Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed Bin Salman promote, the deal bubble of the century has become more than a global media and the news raged, stressing that those who promote the deal were determined to go after everything, United States The New York Times reveals in a report on the calls of an officer named Captain Ashraf Al-Khouli, who teaches Egyptian journalists how to deal with the file of Jerusalem and the file of evacuation of Sinai from its population. In Ramallah, the Palestinians received from the Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman the full conception of the deal Meanwhile, Al-Sisi accepted the city of Ramallah as the capital of the state of Palestine instead of Jerusalem, which will be the capital of Israel.

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