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8 Ways to Make Google Adsense a Great Profit Source

8 Ways to Make Google Adsense a Great Profit Source

If you are interested in Adsense ads and want to make them a great source of revenue for you Fahdah you are specially

Here, God willing, I will mention 8 methods you can use to make Google Adsense a great profit source that brings you a lot of money

I highly believe that anyone who wants to work profitably over the Internet should suit the way they work or what I like to call "the style of work". This style should suit their personality .. their thinking is their skills and their fundamentals.

Therefore, the existence of a single working style that is suitable for all people is something to me that I consider impossible. This is considered a secret of the secrets of success of any person in working online, because it will make it work better and continue and focus on it. Of course it is very suitable for him.

I have talked about this subject very detailed previously in this site, in a video about how to start building a real business over the Internet.

I advise you to enter and see it now from here: "How do you really start building a business online?"

This leads us to the methods that I will talk to you about today is not a condition that suits you all, and I do not want it to suit you all, I just want you to read about them and know whether you will fit or not, will this method suit your business you or not?

Too many people write to me and actually have the style they decided to work really is not suitable for them either physically or in skills or is not suitable for the basics of knowledge of the subject or they are very beginners and want to work something that needs long experience must suit your style of work whatever your personality

Just what I want you to read every one of them you see examples and know and understand exactly how this technique works and what it needs and then decide who will start it.

 Of course this is all Lucent interested in making Adsense ads Adsense source profitable for you over the Internet

Note Today I will only remind you of legitimate work methods and do not violate Google 's policies

Yes there are methods by many people are contrary to Google's policies put themselves in place of permanent doubt is actually a logical and rational answer for Google and yet they do

I will never talk about it. Everything that I will mention here is very appropriate and legitimate for Google's policies so that you are comfortable and you do it without being afraid to follow Google to you and cancel your account at any time.

 I do not want to prolong you more .. See these methods from here and enjoy it and do not forget to share this article Essie to benefit someone else, God willing.

Style I: Style Content Sites

This method depends on the site being built, and this site has a permanent content is repeated and is explicitly the way Google liked in terms of sites.

Google really likes this kind of sites to place adsense ads on them .. why ??

Because you simply say that the content of this site means that there are certain topics will be entered by visitors certainly those topics, so for Google, it is easy to know what ad they put in your page, and so they are sure to experience that Zageridh .. So that he reads about a particular topic Find a suitable ad for that topic in your site and therefore this is called a profit fully for Google and its visitors and its customers who pay for advertising.

You should note these things when using this method:

1 - the site specialization As you know the content site called so because it speaks in content, there will be articles that speak in a certain content .. Now whenever that site in a particular specialty This makes Google knows that this site speaks only in that specialty .. While if The site speaks about more than one specialty in many topics This will make Google recognize the pages and not the site!

Google means that this page will talk about this and this other page will talk about such a different from each other and the site itself speaks for more than one thing

This leads us to the fact that the specialized site in one market is much better than the site is not specialized because Google will then know that all the pages of this site talk about this subject and therefore all people who enter this site are interested in this subject and this will facilitate significantly on Google to know what kind of ads that Put them with you and the advertiser in the opposite side will be very suitable for him to pay as much money as possible so that your visitors see your ads

This, of course, does not mean that the non - specialized site is not profitable, it is very possible to be profitable, but as we said earlier it would be very profitable if more visitors to the site.

 In short, the specialized site needs half the number of visitors needed by the non-specialized site to earn the same profits

2 - Frequent content When we say the style of content sites, we talk that we want to see Google that we are writing articles periodically, and these articles will affect very significantly on the sourceHealth Adsense ads and the development of periodic content will make Google archiving many pages in the search engine and this course will make more visitors They enter from the search engine

We'll talk about it later. In addition, periodically placing content will ensure we have more visitors

The visitor who entered our site previously and saw a lot of important information for him if he saw that this site will put articles and content on a regular basis it will enter your site periodically to see Mahnak and this course will certainly benefit our profits in Adsense

So the style of content sites means that you put content in a regular way .. And who asks for the number of the number, there is no specific number I say it is the best, I do not want you to put every day article and I do not want you to put every week article .. but there is content every time And committed to that period.

Each week put three articles useful task very wonderful in that specialty, Google sees it wonderful and see the visitor interested in that specialty it is really wonderful .. This is very appropriate

3 - Visitors to Google When you say the style of content sites this means that you no doubt must rely on your pages to enter visitors from the search engine Google These visitors are the best for Google Adsense ads are the best, and the main reason is that they know exactly what they want .. Google knows exactly who is interested in this researcher who is this person, where he lives .. How old .. What is Emile .. And what cares .. He knows everything about him because he entered the search engine and therefore for Google This is the best customer can see ads Adsense

Therefore, in order for your pages to appear in Google, you must use and know SEO, which is the way to configure your pages in the correct way that Google wants so that the largest number of them appear in the search engine when they are interested in writing words that indicate they need information in that market

Check out these sources that will help you understand SEO more and know how to implement it with your site if you see that the style of content sites really suits you to get started

 * Comprehensive guide to Google's Backlink

 * 7 ways to work buck liners loved by Google

 * 33 checklist to include your ranking in Google!

 * How do you calculate your profits from SEO campaigns?

4 - Learn more about what affects the profits of Google Adsense and how Adsense works with Google ads How Google thinks to give you the right percentage of profits, and how to ensure that this method will actually give you the greatest amount of profits you want to see all these things through these links I advise you very much Do not complete the reading only after watching it, of course, if you fit the style of content sites:

 Question 70 - How Google Calculates Adsense Earnings

 * Question 137 - His problem with Adsense

 Question 204 - Are Facebook visitors useful to Adsense?

In the end, I would like to tell you that this method I have done a comprehensive free course as a study of a special case through which I evaluated the work of a site from scratch with you and show you how to use the style of content sites to profit from AdSense ads

I would like to see this whole session from here: "How to sell Adsense"

The second method is the YouTube channel method

This method is very clear from its name you simply build a channel in the site of which is definitely for Google, and in this channel you put your own videos exclusive stolen and make sure to put it periodically makes the number of views increase in that channel, the more you put more videos Seen by more people and therefore increase your profits more

What you need in this method is that you are activating monetization in that channel so that Google sees that you want to place ads Advertisers are very suitable for them that content provided by the viewers of your channel and you earn some money

In the past, via this site I talked about how to win more of your channels in YouTube and how to think correctly before the work of the channel for the purpose of profit, these articles saw and will benefit greatly, God willing ..

 * Ways to win any amount you want

 * Ways to win any amount you want

 * How to create a shopping video that Google loves

 * YouTube Auto Pilot

You should know these things before you start doing this method:

Channel Specialty

As I told you in the first method, specialization is very important to Google .. If your channel talking about one thing specializes in a specific market where advertisers this will make the ads of these advertisers appear in your channel and this will make the amount that is taken from those ads certainly greater, because advertisers Choose your targeting.


When you say that your style is a YouTube channel this means that you will rely heavily on viewers, the more views this means that those who see the ads will be a larger number and therefore you win more

So your big credit will be on how to increase those views

There are some points that I will remind you now will benefit you very much in this subject:

First increase the number of subscribers to your channel

The number of subscribers to the channel will make them more interested and therefore when you put new videos will appear in their account via YouTube that there are people who have been involved with the development of new videos and therefore there will be more views of the number of subscribers, which is very important for you

So always tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that their number increases and therefore you see more profits

Second activate the alarm bell

This is very important in your channel in Youtube .. Activate the alert bell will make anything you do in your channel is directly on the mobile and the channel and even alerts the browser in the disk directly

Activating the bell will make your views more significantly because it puts everything that will appear to them directly and thus the opportunity to enter the largest and thus the viewing will be more profitable you are the biggest money

Third, the use of words that many people are looking for in the headlines

Yes, this is important .. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after the search engine Google, there are many people enter YouTube and search in the search box, if you search correctly and know what interested people in your videos and channel, and what they are looking for .. I know this subject you will be able to simply put the search for it in the title .. To show clearly that you are talking about looking for it and therefore your video will appear in the search engine YouTube, and certainly this means that there are people will enter your videos Aktarfcekon there are more views and be in the subscription to your channel more then More profits

Fourth interaction in your videos

 Yes Google sees the interaction of channels and videos, the interaction of people interested in video shows to Google that this video will be better than others .. The video, which has a great interaction so that there is an example of a thousand comment and the Facebook This means for Google that this video is very wonderful for that category of people, Very cool for what this person offers and therefore this video will appear in the search and will appear in the same Google engine outside of YouTube !! Yes .. It will appear in the recommendations on the side of the videos and this certainly you know that it means more subscriptions and more views and more profits for you

I advise you to finally see this interview and I made with someone built his YouTube channel from scratch and now God willing to enter a lot of people and earn a good profit from Google Adsense.

 * How to build a YouTube channel and get 35 thousand subscribers in a short period

Style III Style Arbtraj Website

The word "Artebrag" in this style and in this market means that you buy something by selling it and then sell it at a higher price .. And of course with regards to Adsense ads, I mean here you will buy visitors at a small price and these visitors are giving you profits in Adsense bigger than you paid them

For the first time, those who hear about this method think that it is the permanent solution to all its problems. It is believed to be the best, easiest and fastest method among all the methods that can work through it.

 Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Seeing good profits in this way means that you should buy traffic at the lowest possible prices. This low-cost trafic is so valuable that it brings you the biggest possible profits! Yes, its equation is difficult.

If you intend to work this way you need to know some important things:

1. When you say that you want to work in the style of Artebrg with airsoft here you say that I should pay attention to the rates of conversion pages .. Yes conversion rates of your pages will be very important very much, when you pay the price of one hundred people enter your page it is necessary to know that he will example 5 % Of them work click or rather give you profits

If this percentage is not profitable for you, this means that what comes from the profits of them much less than what you pay them, if this must increase the number to a larger number.

And to increase those numbers what you need is only some changes on that page .. Yes, increasing the numbers by a small percentage will lead to a large difference in earnings

And you certainly do so with the so-called testing, you should try everything in your page should change the colors .. Change the content .. Change the place of advertising Adsense .. Change the color of the lists .. Change the form of the page permanently and see what is the appropriate format for that Trafic Which showed The most possible conversion rate in this page.

By doing this you can only increase your conversion rate so that you can only win more and increase your profits in this way, yes it is not that simple.

2 - to do a lot of ads as we said in the previous point, you must do a lot of Altisteng .. You do not know never is your announcement preferred announcement exists or not

Is your ad the one that brings the lowest price to your catalog or not?

And here you must do the work of Tisteng permanent, you should try a lot of targets in the announcement to ensure that the one who enters you Huffala paid it as little as possible to bring it to your site

You will try many different headlines in the ad. You will try many different goals and different countries and know who is the cheapest and that brings you the most profits from all these differences.

3 - When you say Adsense Arteraj, it means that you do not work one article inside a full site and send Traffic! This is a very big mistake that reduces your profits This makes your Airsoft account in danger because Google will see that you do this just to profit from the ads and not to create a good browsing experience for those interested.

Your site must be a site with content. I do not mean to put content as in the first style (permanent content), but I mean that it is in a good content that makes Zayrabeki the longest possible period and this is the secret .. The longer Zayratol remains possible Means that it is possible to press once or twice .. See more than Google announcement .. See that it is in our site for a long period and this is very wonderful for you

4. Content of the page itself Yes This is very important is not any article and enough is not any content put it and say why not win! The article must be very good indeed

In Adsense Arptraj you need a visitor to stay a long period .. You need a visitor to make posts, and that means to like what he reads

This means that the browser and click and click on any links to give it and therefore your articles must be really good .. Must contain many sources must tell the person click here and click here and know about this and know about that .. Must do these things.

If you thought about people surfing the internet for three things:

Know or remember the information previously forgotten .. Or to entertain .. Or to find a new knowledge do not know

Make these things exist in your articles

Style IV Mobile Applications

In this method you are using a type of ads Adsense called ad mob ads relative to mobile, these ads as you understand certainly appear in the applications found in the Smart iPhone, and certainly we all use the Smart iPhone and Rayna such applications and ads in it .. These ads are Adobe ads or ads adsense for mobile.

The difference in this method is that the mobile or the mobile application is very different from the website so it made it a special style alone.

This method requires that you have a mobile application that you put in Google Play so that you can place ads on it Adsense Yes you are the owner of that application

You can create applications of this type by using special programmers or using some of the tools available online or learning how to program those applications. There are certainly other ways you can use them but I do not recommend them like the RISKIN method or taking an existing application. So take your code and Create your own program which is a replica of the original program.

To make a good profit from this technique, you have to consider these important things:

1. Mobile application is not as an electronic site, yes application means that the person download that program to his mobile, and then browse or open that program daily and more than once and regularly and permanently until you win ad ads.

And this will make you think about what kind of application that will make the visitors open again and again and more than once in a day .. This is your money

2 - The number of active users is the most important in this method Yes it is important to increase the number of downloads for your appellation or application, but what matters more is the ActiveX user (currently the application), which opens it constantly .. This is the number that must You see it always rising, but the number of downloads is really important only because it affects the number of active users.

Many people are interested in the number of downloads for that application, but do not care about the knowledge of the Uzar only .. See the application has been downloaded a million times but there are five thousand Uzar only! , Then this person does not certainly win a lot, do not forget that the ads appear within the program does not appear outside.

3 - This method must be over long .. Yes, the best style of profit from this technique is that you build your profits, do not wait for it immediately .. Build it, spend on your application, make it very well, make ads to make interested people see .. People are downloading it so far you have not won anything, then people use it Veron is good and useful for them, start using it daily and you are doing your ads and lose money now .. The number of current users, users are active .. At the time see the profits only.

So you have to think about this technique, you build your profits. You know that the most important is what is called the number of ozalactives for that application. So you do it well, prepare your ads well, know that you will lose now but you will win later. .. and you know everything that makes the program better, and then you will see your profits increase daily without doing anything

This should be your long-term thinking in this technique

Method V: Special location

This method depends on a site where you do not put articles, but put content .. Let me explain to you

There are sites where content is of a special type, not articles written in text but content differently.

 - for example a site that contains videos .. This is the type of content in it, videos

 - For example a site containing the results of football matches

 - A site containing games played by the interested directly within the site

 - Website contains references and product ratings

 - The site contains the programs you have the right to put for download

 - And other, I think you understand the intended

Take care of these things when you intend to work in this style:

Due to the lack of content, there is no reason for the interested person to enter your site but to see the new thing that is currently in this market, whether it is a result of a game that ended a few minutes ago or an evaluation of a product he wants to buy or else

2. You should be distinguished from others, as you have noticed from examples. There are many who do this method. In order to be better than them and gain from Adsense well, you should know their weaknesses and do what is best. If you do not like it, you can download it, if you do as everyone else does, put the name of the book and press it and go to the site to download files and wait seconds and move from page to page and you know these things certainly .. So you did not do anything new .. Create a better experience, put content to talk about the book and who will benefit from it and your assessment of him, this will make you distinguished

Method 6: A site with a special idea

This method is excellent, but I see many successes in it, the idea here is that your site is not a site where the content of any kind, but only where the idea liked by the interested, the idea makes them publish it significantly ..

Do you think that your friend has done an evaluation of the personality and appeared to him as a result of his admiration and published in Facebook? Definitely see .. this is the style I'm talking about ..

- A site with the idea of ​​putting machines in a specific market such as weight loss computers or financial computers

- A site with the idea of ​​gas so that the person shows questions in which a mystery is solved

- The idea of ​​a tool that greatly reduces the size of images while maintaining quality

- Site design idea for images .. See this example

- The site of the idea of ​​chat directly between the interested

- And many more if you thought well

Take care of these things if you want to start this way:

1. He should easily solve his problem, save his time in doing something, or create pleasure for him, would not be a good thing and profitable if she did not do it

2. You should be interested in making them publish the idea by placing the publishing buttons or competitions for those who publish or other ideas

Method 7: Forums

If you have been following me for a while, you certainly know that I do not like this kind of site, but if we talk about the logic of the style we use to profit from Adsense ads, yes .. is actually Magdy.

We all know what forums, and the idea here is that it depends on the presence of content, but not all of you, but you will not put a quarter of that content of course if the forum really good and in a market that cares about people a lot

Even today, there are Arab and foreign forums get a very large number of visitors, unfortunately Arab does not find any forum specialized in a particular market, but be all about.

Forums such as Warriorforum or Arab like Trident, actually get huge numbers of visitors monthly, it is true that the first does not use Adsense as a source of profit, but if he wanted to do so to do

Method 8: AdSense revenue sharing site

In this method you can be the owner of the site, or you are the one who shares it ..

The idea is simple that there is a good site, entered by Traffic is good, and this site is in agreement with you (if not the owner of the site) to start writing it .. And any pressure comes to your pages on which your articles take the percentage of profits you agree, some sites give you 60 80% and others.

As I told you, you can be the one who agrees with the book to write to you and guarantee a percentage of the profits without putting any content on your own, and the work of this simple, you will only ask to give you your own ID in Adsense and put it in the ads that will appear In his articles, if you actually intend to work in this way as the owner of the site simply enter Google and read how to do the subject of this participation in your Airsoft and you will find very simple.

I hope this article is useful to you .. I really care about your opinion and if you see that there are other methods overlooked and successful, please do not skimp on me and the readers of the article

Do not forget to share the article .. will benefit others

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