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9 tips How to build the foundation stone for your own online business

How to build the foundation stone for your own online business

How do you build the foundation stone for your own online business in just two days? This is the idea.

You may ask: What does it mean to start your own business - entrepreneurship - online in 48 hours?

Reasonable? Possible in two days? Sure, we'll learn about the steps here. Keep away from the excuses that spread on people's tongues such as:

"I have no idea about this."

"I know but I'm afraid."

I would say just like you before I start, it takes serious, needs soul, determination and determination, then everything is easy and possible.

Here you'll learn about the steps to create your online business, but first you need to know if your idea is a good seed for business or not. Can you ask how?

There are five important ways that you know that your idea can be a good project:

Your idea offers a solution to a problem, or makes the target audience's life better. Sometimes your idea comes from your personal experience, which means seeking a solution to the problem you face. But because we are human beings, our experiences are common, many others have the same problem. Here, the problem must be defined in a precise manner, without intimidation or exhaustion - I mean describing the problem as it is without exaggeration because this helps you to determine the successful solution.
You like the idea of ​​the project. Business is a long journey that requires patience and perseverance. Many people start their project, and after a while if things do not go as they want, they can not say they do not like the idea, they do not care about it, so they decided to liquidate the project; If so, has not it already begun? There is a reality that you must be aware of, the world of business is fraught with problems and troubles, and may be long or short according to your response and your willingness and love for your area, and patience to achieve it, and not accelerate; prepare yourself and do not rush.
There is an audience looking to get the products or services you provide, it does not matter at all size of this audience, small or large, important to be present, and as we will show here there are tools to increase the target audience and expand the business circle.
The simplicity and continuous response to feedback is one of the mistakes that many entrepreneurs make by complicating things by adding features and functions to the main product or service. Simply if a large number of people do not ask for it, it is not necessary at least for now. Simplicity and focus in responding to the public the secret of easy success Abstain.
Choose the right time. Ask yourself: Is the market ready for the product or service now? Many ideas did not work at first, but after their revision, restructuring and organization, they succeeded strongly. So, if you have an old idea now, study the market well, and see how the situation is different now than before, the spread of technology, the Internet and smart devices can be one of the main reasons for the success of the idea that failed before.
Now we have come to the steps of establishing your online business, continued with a focus:

Step 1: Choose your domain or domain name for your trade.

This name is what you will know, focus on the basic idea in your trade, and make the domain name easy to write and not complicated to be easy to move the fingers quickly on the keyboard to reach you. The domain name must be short and contain key words in your business and business. As far as possible from compound names or containing numbers. Find the name first and make sure no other company is using it. Choose the right extension for your domain:

co: for business and commerce.

info: for information sites.

net: for Internet infrastructure sites and technical sites.

org: For non-profit organizations.

biz: For commercial and business use.

me: for blogs and personal websites and build a CV.

Step 2: Buy your domain or domain.

After selecting your domain name, comes the step of booking a domain, there are many companies that provide a reservation and purchase service domain, including,, and many other companies.

Some companies such as Goddady publish discount coupons on the domain purchase and purchase, you can search for them and enter the coupon when the purchase is completed. Search words domain promotion coupons.

Login to the site of any company, and search for the domain name you have chosen to see availability, and here I advise you to prepare multiple variants and versions of the domain name to choose between them if one is not available.

Be sure to enter your data accurately, especially e-mail, to avoid any disruption or delay in activating the domain, usually activated after 24 hours.

Step Three: Purchase the hosting package

You can buy a hosting package suitable for your field of business. Recently, companies offering hosting services, both locally and internationally, have been able to get a package at a reasonable price of up to $ 40 or less. The important thing is to choose a hosting company that provides you with backup services and content protection so you can retrieve it whenever you want.

Some of the companies we recommend to deal with for startups are:

Bluehost Company

Step 4: Enter the hosting server data

When you purchase a hosting package, your service provider will provide the server names - nameservers - in the domain settings until the domain is linked to the hosting server, and you can handle your site.

Step 5: Install the content management system that works for you

There are different content systems, which vary by purpose, such as:

Web site management systems or portals, including Joomla, Drupal, and news sites.

Blog content management systems, most notably WordPress

E-commerce systems, and online product sales, most notably Zen Cart, and Open Cart.

Specialized forums management systems including vBulletin, MyBB.

Management systems of electronic encyclopedias electronic - what is known in the modern era Wiki sites, including the most famous php Wiki, and Media Wiki.

All you need is to log into the control panel in your hosting package by username and password, and follow the instructions. There are free tools in the content management system, and the other paid you have to buy. Good planning in advance allows you to choose what suits you first and then build it over time - important to start.

Step 6: Install the site template

All hosting providers provide free site templates with the hosting service, allowing you to select and install the appropriate template, then modify the colors, the header and the footer, and insert your logo, as well as images and more. It is important to start with a strong page and irresistible content to attract interested and capture their email data. Here you can apply what is known as A / B testing, in which you process a lot of the landing page version, and test it to identify which ones are most effective in achieving your goal.

Step 7: Create an account in Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides e-mail marketing, giving you a direct line of communication with customers so you can reach your customers through their email by using a personalized message for each of them. This service also enables you to identify the target's interaction with the email marketing campaign, whether opening the message, reading it or canceling the registration in the mailing list.

It's very easy, just follow the instructions, then launch the marketing campaign, use the electronic integration tools and implement the campaign.

Step 8: Use Google Analytics Analytics.

This is an easy but important step because you monitor traffic and visit traffic to your site, help you find conversion rates, and help you improve your site's visibility in different search engines when users search for products or services similar to those you offer On your site. In this link you will find instructions and instructions for easy and detailed use of the Google analysis of Google's checklist.

Step 9: Create accounts on social media

If you are trying to enlarge, grow and expand your business, and spread your brand, you must create your own accounts on various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Even if you're not sure what you're going to do at the moment, make sure you create those pages - wisdom says it's best to take control from the start rather than just getting into it.

Congratulations, you can start your business and business immediately. But like you all entrepreneurs, few resources, limited budget, today you are the manager, tomorrow the accountant, another e-marketer, and so on. But using the right tools can double your marketing efforts, and achieve great success.

We have mentioned above the email marketing service Mailchimp, and here we list some of the other tools, including but not limited to:

Open Site Explorer: allows you to determine the strength of the links you build compared to the competitors' links. All you have to do is to anchor the competitor's link and search for it. The site displays a list of all the sites that link visitors to you, not yours.
FollowerWonk: An important tool that helps you delve deeper into Twitter analytics, your visitors' tariffs, their geographic distribution, and the time they spend. You can also contact the influencers in your business, and compare your Twitter activity with competitors.
HootSuite: An integrated brand management tool on social networking pages like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. This tool enables you to process, schedule and send social networking posts from one central location.
Gmail Canned Responses: Sometimes you receive similar or almost identical queries for the same product or service. Instead of spending time writing the same message each time, Gmail Labs developed what is known as canned responses - to save time, effort, and guarantee Quick response to customer inquiries.
Pixlr: A very important tool especially for designing email marketing campaigns, product brochures and services, and your business logo with precision. An easy and effective tool that does not require expertise, is available online for free and saves you time, effort and money in purchasing and learning design programs.

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