Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Moroccan cleric ridicules the accusations made by Saudi Arabia's preacher, Salman al-Awda

A Moroccan cleric ridicules the accusations made by Saudi Arabia's preacher, Salman al-Awda

Rabat - Al-Quds Al-Arabi: The real accusations against the Saudi preacher Salman al-Awda require his execution by the Saudi authorities, in a sarcastic response from the Saudi authorities to the campaign of arrests and trials against the advocates, scientists and activists in the Saudi.

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"Finally, after a year of abduction and forced disappearance," the announcement was made of the start of a "secret trial" of the preacher Sheikh Salman al-Awda, according to news published in Saudi newspapers recently. The death sentence in favor of the honorable Sheikh, after he was charged 37 charges. "

The Vice-President of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars said that through his good knowledge of Sheikh Salman al-Awda, and for a long time, "I began to think about these thirty-seven charges. I said to myself: Since the trial is secret and the accusations are secret, To reveal to people "his acts, crimes and subversive ideas", for which he deserved secret abduction, secret detention, secret torture, and secret trial. "

He added sarcastically from Saudi Arabia: "And here I am - a service to the truth - I reveal to you about those thirty-seven crimes 37, committed by the Sheikh Salman Al-Ouda, or suspected of committing it," where he cited the "charges" thirty-seven and stated his insistence on Moderation in religion and in all its affairs and excessive permissibility and its violation of the approach of the sheikhs of the Kingdom, especially some fatwas of the senior scholars and books that angered the sheikhs of the Kingdom did not compose any book on the glories of this blessed state, nor any of its kings and bones, and insistence on compassion and peaceful approach, although This may be temporary and temporary, and what he calls advice to the governors And his demand for the release of the sheikhs and other prisoners of conscience, and his delay several days before going to the allegiance of Crown Prince, Crown Prince and rest The call to obedience to the rulers and "popularity of millions of fans and followers, which may be a danger to the guardian and the Kingdom" and his love and respect for the people and people hated by the guardian

 Al-Risouni added that among the charges directed at the backer is his support for the Palestinian people and the Hamas movement, against the new official policy of the kingdom, which is averse to the hatred and rejection of Israel, knowing that the guardian has changed his mind and his secret questioning of the legitimacy of generous grants and donations In the last years of the English language, which indicates his quest for more communication, conspiracy and hesitation on Qatar, and delivering several sermons and lectures in mosques, and his refusal to attack Qatar and its condemnation after the famous siege of the four and its relationship And the refusal to withdraw from the World Federation of Muslim Scholars, like the wise of the sheikhs of the Kingdom and his refusal to condemn the World Federation of Muslim Scholars and stigmatize him in accordance with the new official position of the guardian.

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