Saturday, September 15, 2018

Black Moussiba - Ep 96 | Blackberry - a free education

Black Moussiba - Ep 96 | Blackberry - a free education :

A new episode of blacklisted
Today's seminar on the subject of pedagogy in educational curricula and terms such as Al-Baghreer, Al-Barayyat and Gharib in primary education, and citizens' reactions to this.
The impact of rai, waiyi and rap songs will be on the songs, archives and primary education
An enjoyable experience

The lesson of Islamic education. Ghazal Badr. On the one day of the day, the Muslim dharabu with the duk, the parishioners, the infidels, and the tithe was a lot of blemish and nawadoo for Ajaj. And the Muslims gave them killers, and they obeyed the stick ... and the text of them is suspended ... and there is no power except in Allah the Most High. You are right. At least we studied the days of Karim KK books.

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