Thursday, September 20, 2018

discover a secret file WaitList.dat located

discover a secret file WaitList.dat located 

Very dangerous, discover a secret file WaitList.dat located in each computer that stores your passwords and conversations and is quick to scan it

Many aspects of Windows are still a mystery for users, but little by little the facts, security holes and other possible hidden problems appear in the Microsoft operating system. The latest discoveries contain the seal of the Digital Forensics and Response Response DFIR experts who have discovered that WaitList.dat is a secret Windows file that can store passwords and conversations for users.
This new security issue affects users who have Windows on a touch screen, where experts say there is a high probability that the system saves sensitive user information for months to years. All this in a file called WaitList.dat.

Barnaby Skeggs, an expert at DFIR, explained the security problems caused by a hidden file called WaitList.dat. This file exists only in Windows groups installed on touch computers that have activated the handwriting recognition function.
This function was introduced with Windows 8 and still exists in Windows 10. This means that the WaitList.dat file can be in the computer for years without any doubt by the user.
Experts have already talked about this file in 2016, but now that the issue has become viral it is another thing. Any hacker who hacked your computer can use this file to search for passwords and other private data on your computer by simply stealing the WaitList.dat file instead of scanning the entire computer. To find this file, it is in this path on your computer:
 C: \ Users \% User% \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ InputPersonalization \ TextHarvester \ WaitList.dat
At the moment, Microsoft has not commented on this, because it believes it is not a security breach. However, users who do not want to be exposed to this risk should not activate this functionality on touch-screen computers.

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