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Free online action Why and how to start from scratch

Free online action Why and how to start from scratch

Today we learn about freelance work on the Internet and how to start from scratch starting from working on freelance sites and Freelancer sites until you reach your site or project to offer your professional services to the largest number of individuals and companies to achieve a very good monthly income from your free online business
The free online manual contains a number of important topics that will be published on more than one section
Part One: Free Online Action Why and how to start from scratch
Part 2: Standalone Platform Free Action Online
Part III: Profit from the sites of the mini - directory comprehensive part I
Part IV: Profit from the Mini Services Sites Comprehensive Guide Part II
Other parts are being prepared

You can download the free work book and profit from the Internet, a comprehensive guide, the first part to get all the content in addition to all the other ways of profit explained on the blog in 200 pages pdf to download the book from here
We will identify together the following points

An important introduction and why you need to work online
Advantages of working online
How to Start a Free Online Business
Get an e-bank account to receive your profits from free online business sites
Identify the areas of work you wish to provide
The most important and most demanding services that you can offer on the free work sites
How to start learning these services easily and free online
Very important sources for learning your services and doing business online
Subscribe to free online job sites and start providing services
The most important sites and platforms of the free Arab independent
The most important sites and free platforms are like peopleperhour
A comprehensive guide to working in mini-sites
An important introduction and why you need to work online
Of course, everyone is looking for a job or a project that achieves physical stability but may face many penalties when looking for suitable work. Either the salary may be inappropriate or the work does not suit his ambitions and the more difficult it is to start a legitimate, either material or routine or lack of experience Enough. Therefore, free action on the Internet is the right choice for anyone looking for a job or a project that fulfills its aspirations and stability, which seeks a mechanism
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But why work online
Free work in general, whether online or not, is your own project that saves you from the boring routine of the normal job and also from the control of the manager or administration
Free work also saves you from the psychological pressure practiced by most managers and management companies to think - for their ignorance - that this makes you do your best to get the highest productivity
But the most important thing that characterizes the free work is that your effort is only for you, and you build your own project, which is happy to develop day after day. It may start from a simple project, until you reach your big project, which achieves all your ambitions.
But why online
Advantages of working online
In addition to the previous advantages, free online work has many other advantages
You will not need capital to start your online business
You will practice your business anywhere, anytime you can on your computer in Egypt, for example, you get a customer from Australia
Your income increases with time and experience and over your interest in your business
You will not need a specific education or a college degree. The work is available to every talented person
And many of the advantages you will discover whenever you enter the world of free work on the Internet more and more
But before you start working as a freelance freelancer you should know two very important things
The first is that you should do your best to learn something new every day in the field you want to work with and make sure that you are building your own project, which does not require money from you but only needs you to give your effort and focus until you reach excellent results in less time
The second is not rushing the livelihood .. Just make the effort required from you and you will find that God willing the fruits of your effort, it is gradual as we know start with simple services with a simple fee and you can offer a part of it for free at the beginning until you reach the customers looking for you in return for a large and less effort
There are many honorable Arabic models that find their success stories on the internet and in the Arab self-employment sites, all of which started with self-education on the Internet and on free sources such as YouTube
Now how to start a free online business
You can start a free online business in three simple steps
First: Get an electronic bank account to start receiving your profits online
Second: Identify the area you want to work with and the services you can offer
Third: Participate in the free work sites on the Internet and begin to provide your services
We will identify the three points in detail so that it is clear to everyone who starts from scratch
Step 1 Get an e-bank account to start receiving your profits from the Internet
This is the first step in order to start your business online. The e-bank will receive through you profits from the free work sites on the Internet and you can also send and receive money easily anywhere
To learn more about what electronic banks are and how to send and receive money online, you can refer to the comprehensive guide on electronic banks and send and receive money online.
And of course there are many electronic banks but what we will need them and they must do an account in these three banks .. Registration is free and simple only fill out the required data and then send proof of identity to activate the account

Giant Electronic Bank: PayPal
Al-Baybal: No one can deal with the Internet whether in the free business, purchasing or e-commerce, or receiving and sending money on the Internet. He does not have an account in PayPal. He is the bank of many Internet sites, if not all, in the withdrawal and deposit operations. Of the site

And register a new account in the bank easily Register an e-mail account only Fill in the required data

You can refer to
Explanation of the registration in Albaybal and the advantages and benefits that you should know
US bank account and MasterCard card from Pioneer
Pioneer: In addition to PayPal and especially with free online work, you will need to register an account at Pioneer Electronic Bank. It is the best way to receive money from many free online business sites, marketing networks, commission and email. It also provides you with a MasterCard through which you can withdraw your balance from ATM machine in the world and also provides you with a US bank account free of charge and strongly in some locations that send you profits either by check or using a US bank account is the best and fastest
You can also activate your PayPal account using the MasterCard that Pioneer gives you
You can refer to
Make a US bank account and get a MasterCard from Pioneer
Great Electronic Bank
Finally, Bank Scryll is a very strong and excellent electronic bank which you can receive your profits from many sites and support almost all the free work sites on the Internet and through you can withdraw your money to your bank account in your country in addition to many advantages
To register a new account on Skril from here
For more information about Scriell's explanation and how to open an account and receive money here is a comprehensive explanation of the electronic bank ScrielyMoneyBookers previously
Step 2: Identify the area you want to work with and the services you can provide
Now with the most important part what will you offer on the sites of freelance services?
We initially agreed that we would start from scratch and therefore we should learn one of the services we can provide
Do not worry, the most important services that you can offer do not require much effort and time to learn, but of course increasing your efforts and learning increases your experience and therefore the profits you can get
The most important services and businesses that you can start to offer on the free work sites on the Internet are
Write content and articles
Design and Graphics
Web design and blogging
Cyo and e-marketing
First write content and articles
One of the easiest things that you can start on the job sites are the most demanding ones. It is not a requirement that you are familiar with all the grammar or be a professional to start writing articles, but it requires you to know the basics of writing the article and with time increase your experience until you write a great article and content
Start earning profit from writing articles first by writing three or five articles for $ 5 in the sites of mini-services such as fives or Pfeiffer and then implement the offers on independent and other free and Arab labor sites
How to start and what you need to start
To start writing articles you need only a text editor such as Microsoft Word or even the iPad. There are no special requirements. To write the article you should know that it consists of 3 elements other than the title of the article that the client asks you
Solve the problem you are talking about or the substance of the topic
In 300 or 500 words, you can write a very good article. For example, you need an article about weight loss
So the introduction is a definition of the reader on the content of the article and its components and the importance of weight loss in one paragraph
And then offer some solutions and ways to lose weight in two or three
And finally a simple summary or advice on the subject and what I spoke briefly in one paragraph
In an upcoming post we will go deeper into the article writing and learn how to write an article that respects all SEO requirements for search engines and is very important to many website owners

How to get article content
Of course, everyone who writes an article is not composed by a cavalry here we do not talk about poetry and literary articles but we are talking about a certain quality of articles and requested by customers in certain subjects, whether medical, technical or marketing and others

So you can get the content of the article through the online search using Google information about the subject you are looking for then write important information in the notes and then rephrase all that information in your own way to give you a good article and exclusive and in the end check the spelling of the article and you can do so easily using Microsoft Word

These are important sources to help you write articles
Video shows you practical training to write the article
Video How to write an article Hussein Al - Rawi

Of course, you can get many educational resources through YouTube to improve writing your articles and write excellent content
Services and design and graphic works
It is also one of the most required online businesses, but here too the services you can offer vary, you can provide services

Design of book covers and magazines
Design of advertising banners
Design of logos
Design of business cards
Video editing services and video introductions
How to start and what you need mechanism
All you need to start providing these services is to learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator because they are the best among all other programs

You can learn the basics of Alfotoshob and Listera in a few weeks and professionalism in a very few months and it depends on the extent of your effort and your desire to learn ..

You can also provide video introductions
And here you need Adobe program I think I lost
Free educational resources you need
You can take advantage of these courses to learn these important and wonderful programs that benefit you especially on the personal level as well as benefit from them in the self-employment sites

A full course in the education of Alfotoshob is 96 video explains to you from the basics of Alfotoshob up to the application and the design of the interface through the sites
Course link from here

Another important course to teach Alfotoshob in detail the care of the Forum Aldarin and provide Mohammed Omar from here

The full Adobe Illustrator course which explains the program in detail
Course link from here

To learn the Iftekar Affect program you can count on this excellent course from here

And it is very important that you apply everything you learn first Powell away from the mere theoretical learning because it will not benefit you and you can also provide simple services on five and Viver for $ 5 so that the program and offers services at higher prices and then offer professional designs and sell them in some sites we will learn later Large sums of money
Third, services and design works of websites and blogs
Becoming a web designer is a simple thing that will only take you two to three months to learn how to design websites
Web design is to design the interface of the site and pages on Alfotoshob and then convert them to html code and css
It requires you to learn html and css, in addition to Photoshop
What you need to get started
You need to learn web design languages ​​and do not worry. They are simple and uncomplicated languages ​​like program languages ​​such as Java and others
The HTML language you can learn in just a few days is the basic construction of each site of paragraphs, images and links ..
And the basics of CSS in a week or two because it is the most important and must be well done, which gives the attractive final form of the site of the shape of the line and the effects of images and links
Then you can add learning basics in jquery

This opens the way for yourself to be a successful and distinguished web designer

With time and experience you can learn php language until you become a website designer and developer

Note that in a very short period of time, you can begin to provide services such as blogger templates, which are very much needed in five minutes
You can even create your own website to sell these templates
With more professionalism you can sell them in large amounts on sites such as themeforest

Important educational resources you need
One of the important channels on YouTube that you need to learn the design of the site channel designer and developer on Hamdi
It is really a very distinguished channels that teach you the design of sites in the form of practical and excellent starting from the design of the interface of the site Balfotoshob and then cut and then converted to HTML and css and also will learn where to use the Adobe Dreamweaver program that will make it easy to design sites to a very large extent
Website of the Arab Web Developers Project, which offers a wide range of courses in web design to visit from here

To learn html you can also rely on these courses

Html tutorial for Abdullah Mohammedi and Qnata on YouTube is also one of the best sources for learning programming languages ​​other than the languages ​​of web design here

Another important and distinctive html course on cliprz channel on youtube

And another distinguished and detailed course for Ibrahim Kadih from here

After learning html you also find on the same channels learning css language

If you are fluent in English, you can take advantage of the best site to learn any language from the web design languages, which is the main reference for all web designers, which is
Then choose the language you want to learn, starting with example html and css
After the time and experience begin in java script then jquery

After learning it you will find yourself having a very excellent background on web design and you can now start your free online business

 IV. Seo services and electronic marketing
SEO is the improvement of the site internally and externally to reach the results of the first search in Google, which is one of the most important things that each owner of the site on the Internet for a source of free visits and thus increase the profit from the site and increase sales without the need for costly advertising campaigns
This is a very distinguished service and a little in the Arab world who are professional in providing these services but are very much needed
And very important not only to provide your services on the sites of self-employment but also for profit using other methods such as commission marketing and also raise the order of your site and thus benefit from the provision of advertising services and others
But its problem at the beginning of learning as the Arab content is weak in the explanations of the cyo and electronic marketing, but very few models and therefore your professionalism and excellence in cyo and electronic marketing depends on your knowledge of foreign content, which is concerned with the latest updates to cyo and electronic marketing
You can provide

BAC Linux Services
Ad campaigns on Adwords
Marketing on social networks
Website promotion and visitor services
Find Tagged with profitable keywords
And many other services
Sources that benefit you in learning cyo and electronic marketing
An electronic marketing course from the forum of the two on Youtube from here
Learn the basics of SEO and site configuration for search engines by Sherine Badr
A variety of videos on the Seo and digital marketing on Digitals channel
V. Translation services
Translation from any language to another of the services are very scattered and required You can learn a foreign language and then translation into Arabic and with time you can learn an additional language to translate into English to get more customers and the most widely used languages ​​and requests for translation English, French, Spanish and German

Translation services on freelance sites

Educational resources you need
70 sites very important for anyone who wants to learn English from here
A great book to teach English step by step from here
English Language Course for beginners
YouTube channel is great for learning English in an easy and interesting way from here
Interactive Facebook Group to get the latest German language courses from here

VI Programming services
It is a service that can take you a very long time in learning but also from the most profitable services and applications on the internet. Being a programmer for a well known programming language opens doors for many of the business and services you can provide. You can program your programs and sell them for huge profits.
One of the most important programming languages ​​you can learn is the Java language, where you will also be able to program the most popular and profitable mobile applications these days
The most important sites that you can learn from in all the previous fields for free work on the Internet
There are thousands of courses in different fields in which you can learn through which you have free and paid courses. You can use them as they are of great content and will help you increase your experience in the field you want to enter the mechanism
One of the most important sites
Location udemy
 The best site to get excellent courses in all areas, including the areas of free work that we talked about and is available on many of the courses are wonderful and free and also available for the site many coupons online for free courses paid in fact I think it is enough to get all the courses you need
EDX site
Which offers you a group of the best courses in different fields of science from the best universities
Website coursera
Through it you can get a selection of the best courses online and free
Free online and Arabic platforms
And now with the last part is the free work platforms, which you can subscribe to start to profit from the provision of your services and work and will identify together on a range of platforms Arab and foreign

We first start with mini-sites where you can offer your services for $ 5 and then freelance sites where you can do large amounts of work based on your experience and efficiency.

First Arabic Work Platforms
Start with the mini-service sites you can subscribe to and then offer your service for $ 5 for each service you do and after providing a certain number of services you can make improvements to the service and increase the price of your service at the price you see appropriate
One of the most important sites of Arabic mini-services
Site offers five mini services
It is the most famous Arab site to provide mini-services, which is hosted by thousands of Arab independents, one of the sites of Hassoub company and you can offer your service for $ 5 and then develop it up to $ 255
It takes a five commission fee of $ 1 for each service $ 5
To register a new account in five minutes from here
After registering a new account you click on add a new service under the user name list and fill in the required data for the service from its address and description and price of service and others, then the service is reviewed from technical support to customers and is approved in the absence of any violation of the terms and policy of five
There are many other Arab mini-service sites but I recommend that you only have a five-page site because you guarantee that you will get customers for your services in addition to the great trust in it and guarantee the rights of either seller or buyer
Independent website independent platform for Arabs online
Independent is one of the leading sites in the field of self-employment in the Arab world. It is considered the largest Arab platform for self-employment, which includes thousands of Arab independents, which now number more than 161,000 Arab independents, and unlike five independent sites, it depends on adding a legitimate project owner who wants to implement it. Site or translation or writing articles and others and give a budget for the project ranging from $ 25 to 9999 dollars and then the independents offer their offers and submit samples of their work and then chooses the project owner the best offer in terms of price and quality
A separate commission takes 15% on a single service
To register in a separate site from here
Then you fill in the data or register the account through your data on Facebook or LinkedIn

You may be interested in an independent freelance online platform for every freelance Arab - comprehensive guide

Second platforms free foreign work
There are many foreign free platforms, but we will review the most important and famous ones, which include millions of independents around the world
The site is very huge and it is the largest free online work platforms with many functions and works of writing, design, translation, marketing, business and many ... in organized and clear order
The number of independents in the first year of 2015 exceeded 14 million independents
There are more than one membership that varies in the number of offers that can be submitted and the method of withdrawing profits. For example, free membership. You can only execute 8 projects monthly. There is no immediate withdrawal of profits, but you can purchase membership on the site to increase the number of projects you can implement monthly. % + $ 0.30 of the value of the projects that are implemented whether membership is free or paid plus 2.3% commission at the time of withdrawal
One of the largest free platforms on the Internet and there are many services and businesses that you can offer and includes millions of independents from all over the world, where in the first year of 2015 the number of independents 4 million independent
Only millions of projects will show you on the projects offered
The site takes a commission of 8.75% plus a $ 10 monthly fee
Odesk or Upwork
The site surpassed the first of April 4 million independent, as it is one of the largest and oldest foreign free platforms on the Internet and takes the site commission 10% plus 1.5% commission at checkout
Envato products including themeforest
As you know, while talking about the design of templates, the themeforest is one of the best places where you can sell your professional voice, which is one of the shops Envato, which has many other stores to sell all kinds of designs from templates to blogger or templates WordPress or templates or even templates Burbwint You can enter the shops and then add the work in the appropriate store and take the site commission 30%

Of the modern work platforms exceeded the number of users in the first year of the year 500 thousand independent and therefore competition here less and this advantage of the site in addition to that it carries out huge advertising campaigns and thus increase your chances to get business and projects, but the most important of the site is the high commission where the site gets A commission of 15% on the amounts less than $ 280 plus 3.5% on the highest amounts plus 1.9% commission at the draw
For designers only and is one of the best sites for designers, which includes many professionals from all over the world approached the number of 900 thousand independent in early 2015
The site can now display your business and then the buyer buys the job and then assigns the work according to the client's requests
It is possible to display all types of design, such as logos, book covers, personal cards or the interface of sites and others.
The site takes a commission between 30 to 50%
The site is unique and reserved for designers and special logo design only
But I recommend that only registered professionals because you must first pay a subscription fee of $ 29 to start using the site and depends on the idea of ​​the site that the employer wants to design a logo, the independent will display a picture of their design jbg and then chooses the project owner the best logo, which deals with competition may last 6 days but The logo should be designed in two days, so it is a very quick way for professionals to get big profits from their work. The logo price ranges between $ 100 and $ 200
There are many other free platforms, including guru and ifreelance
In the end
 Please be aware of how to work freely on the Internet and know the most important platforms for free work Arab and foreign and that the subject has helped you, even if a simple addition
 And God willing, a number of future posts will be added to some of the issues that concern each independent. We will also learn later how to exploit the services we have offered in other businesses besides participating in the free work sites on the Internet, but as we explained at the beginning, it is for everyone who wants to start from scratch She had no idea of ​​self-employment and how he could use her talent and learn for self-employment and profit from the Internet


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