Sunday, September 9, 2018

Learn about malicious software File-less

Learn about malicious software File-less

Typically, antivirus programs scan your hard drive, but what if the virus or malware is not installed in this disk
What if they were implemented directly on RAM ???

Yes, believe what I'm saying, dear, you've got a new malware called "File-less". These malware are not installed anywhere on your disk but instead are implemented directly on RAM.

This makes it difficult to get traces of those malware after restarting the system. Last week, these malware attacked many government companies, telecommunications companies and banks in about 40 countries, according to Kaspersky Lab research.

First let's understand the basic functions of these malware:
To understand how this malware works, let us quickly understand how traditional antivirus products work:
Files are placed on the hard disk
AntiVirus analyzes malicious files (aka load)
If selected, antivirus modules scan or remove malicious files, while keeping your computer secure.
This is an anti-virus action, it deals with a significant file that exists in the scope of its search.
But the way our friend "File-less" is not done by placing a file on the hard drive, but on the random memory and this is the dilemma for anti-virus programs.
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