Saturday, September 22, 2018

Let's get honest about our money problems | Tammy Lally

Let's get honest about our money problems - Tammy Lally

Struggling to budget and manage finances is common -- but talking honestly and openly about it isn't. Why do we hide our problems around money? In this thoughtful, personal talk, author Tammy Lally encourages us to break free of "money shame" and shows us how to stop equating our bank accounts with our self-worth.

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This is real deep and a real problem that is overlooked. I recently watched a video and discovered that it's rooted in your childhood. However you perceive money is how you perceived it back then

Only buy what you can afford and always pay off credit card balance at the end of the month to avoid paying interest - the advice my father gave me as a teenager and I continue to remind him how much I appreciate it to this day.

All of societies problems stem from 2 sources, parenting and education. Without those 2 forms of learning properly defined and managed then society spools off into chaos.

If you do not start with order and wisdom then you will end in chaos and confusion.

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