Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NADA CHAKIRR - Stop Making Excuses

NADA CHAKIRR - Stop Making Excuses

Sometimes, I think that people like you, simo, bilal ... and others, are just wasting time ... Your videos are very helpful, but people are stupid ...

By the way wakha kolchi perfect ila makontich ready maghadi ... English, Darija, English. By the way mafhamt walo. Kayan problem dial communication hnaya. By the way , khasna nakhtaro achman language pour communiquer. By the way nsina français.

Guys am really so proud of you !!! very interesting channel !!! you`re giving great & effective advices to the young generation, wishing you all the very best !!

oui bghit nsawlk akhti ila kan momkin andi des proget bghit nakhdm 3lihoum ms probleme ma3rftch wach imkanli njah fihoum o ma3rftch kifach nabda dakht wlah

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