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Smart military clothes guarantee the superiority of the Russian soldier

Smart military clothes guarantee the superiority of the Russian soldier

London «Al-Quds Al-Arabi» - Russia has recorded a new breakthrough in the production of "smart soldier" or "smart troops" that outperform others on the battlefield thanks to the wearable smart equipment and equipment available to soldiers.
The chief designer of military uniforms and survival systems in the Russian company "Rustic" Oleg Faustoff, the test of the structure of the outer jacket with a motor and an electric battery, according to the agency "Tass" Russian.
Faustoff said the test of the active outer shell model to be used by the soldier was successful. The test showed that the soldier in the upgraded chassis was capable of destroying training targets with only one hand.
According to the chief designer, the uniform will enable the Russian soldier to carry more weapons and equipment, and to walk faster and carry out combat missions assigned to him more effectively.
Faustoff said the main problem still faced by external structures equipped with electric motors is double the batteries. But the development of battery specifications is in full swing.
In an interview with reporters on the sidelines of the "Army-2018" forum, the chairman of the military scientific committee of the Russian ground forces, Alexander Romanyota, reported that the active outer structure should be visible in the Russian soldier's third-generation rifle, Ratnik-3, by 2025. Russian media earlier reported that the active outer body body would be made of titanium.
Russia says it is working to create an army of state-of-the-art technology and remotely-guided equipment to ensure fighters can stay away from risk and fight without slipping into combat zones and develop many sophisticated and modern weapons.
Moscow was able to invent a new intelligent air force capable of destroying a series of tanks at once and within a few seconds and a few, thus continuing its race to outweigh the world's major powers in armaments.
The Russian weapon, which specializes in monitoring the latest Russian military innovations, said that the new weapon is "self-directed smart missiles delivered to the target by aerial bombs or rockets fired from rocket launchers. In a short period of time, these missiles could destroy a column of tanks or a unit of armor deployed in preparation for an attack. Among these tanks are tanks such as American Orbams or German Leopard. "
The site said in a report that one of the features of the missiles mentioned to be equipped with infrared equipment, which scans all detected on the ground of military equipment. After discovering a target, the smart missiles separate from the rockets or airborne parachutes fly at a speed of more than two kilometers per second.
Russia continues to work to create a smart army using the latest technology in the world, ultimately reducing risks and preserving the lives of human beings.

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