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Summarizing and downloading a thought book become a rich PDF

Summarizing and downloading a thought book become a rich PDF :

We often see books influencing people's lives and changing their behavior and way of thinking, and today we will talk about a book that has been credited with changing the lives of thousands of people whose lives have turned into spectacular successes thanks to the book Becoming Rich. (Download link at end of article) - PDF version

One of the most striking comments in this book is a comment by a man who said, "My life has changed as soon as I arrive at the last page of this wonderful book." This man, who achieved his dream of reaching the command of the ship that spent his life on board, That will show you that every human being within him is a successful person you should be able to reach, and a thought book that becomes rich helps to reach that successful person within you.

We have a person who has ideas and ambitions but the obstacles to life are many and great. To overcome these obstacles, you need an effective weapon that makes these obstacles easy and worthless. In other words, you can control your mind. You control your destiny. The principle of success we will summarize as follows:

1. Desire:

Every action is based on desire, but the lack of access to that desire is what it breaks even before it is taken out of us, so we say that the desire reflects a true picture of the person that will be tomorrow if you stuck to that desire and its image in front of you on a daily basis. When this image takes hold in your mind, you will automatically start with practical steps that will connect you to Matrade.

2. Faith / Trust:

Faith is an inner state associated with your subconscious mind. When you believe that you will be the person you want, without this faith you will not be able to accomplish any of the practical steps you have set for yourself. Trust and faith in the book's eyes are vital to achievement.

3. Positive thoughts / positive thinking:

When you start sending images to your subconscious mind through the faith you have created and the desire of the person you want to be, your subconscious mind begins by focusing on these images and desires as a fact - as a result of the repetition you are doing - and only then will the thoughts begin to generate you about how to get real And strive hard to be that person, this process will be through your subconscious mind.

Believe me if I say to you that reaching the subconscious mind is the top of the peaks, and you can do it through the event with a loud voice, try sitting in a quiet place every day and speaking loudly until you hear your subconscious mind. Say the qualities of the person you want to be, repeat your goals, Repeat aloud all you want, because your subconscious mind will be present listening to every word you say.

4. In-depth knowledge:

Knowledge and knowledge are essential to achieve what you want. Knowing what you want in depth depends on your knowledge of it. It is only by dedicating you to a specific time each day that you learn what you should do, get close to people who are interested in your goal, Linked to the goal you seek and the personality you want to be. (Read, for example, about successful people in the same field you want to be).

5. Imagination / Meditation:

Imagination of the deadly weapons we neglect to use in our daily lives, because imagining the person you want gives your mind the ability to achieve this - within reason - imagination is the unique self-motivation of man to reach all his ambitions, as some of the basic rules in this world we live In it today. This talk stems from people who were able to reach their wishes through this force.

6. Resolution:

Based on a number of millionaires, their decisions were coming quickly and then affect these decisions negatively affect their movement because they contain errors as a result of that speed, but today you can benefit from this lesson and seek help and advice before making any decision, because others have a method Different thinking will help you understand things better and not make mistakes.

7 - insistence and continuity:

The insistence is linked to the willpower and the continuation of the thing. When you combine the willpower and the desire correctly, you will insist on achieving all your ambitions in this life. Simply saying that insistence is the difference between your success or your failure, always remember that continuity and continuity are the path to success despite the difficulty (For example, we all want to have a beautiful body, but you will not get it by simply meditating because if you do not go to the gym every day and continue on this habit, you will never get that body).

8. Support:

Getting support from the ocean is very important, both from parents and friends, so do not neglect this part and if you do not find it, ask for it, but fight for moral support because it represents a tremendous energy can not be underestimated.

9. The subconscious mind:

Our subconscious mind records everything we feel on a daily basis and guides our mind and action. We all know the power of the subconscious, but a number of people use these powers, so we advise you to read more about the subconscious mind and the deep world.

The best way is to hold in your conscious mind as much as possible a clear picture of yourself already after accomplishing your goal, and then show it on the cinematic screen of your mind, doing it often practicable, especially at night just before you go to sleep and first When you wake up, your unconscious will begin to lead you towards your goal.

10. Develop plans:

All of the above is just a list of ideas and desires, and to bring these desires into action you have to take the steps of accurate and organized to be the real steps in the real objective, ambition and ambition, and therefore should begin to develop the plan and what the court will do and calculate the problems that could fall because, because Access and the path of success are often rugged and arduous.

11. Brain Power:

The brain has so much power that you can not even imagine it. It is the brain that gave us the computer, the supersonic plane, the rockets deep into outer space, science, and the arts. The brain generates everything we know today and tomorrow.
Can the brain bring you everything you want here on earth? You just have to recognize her strength, give her a job in the process of completion and see what she does.

12 - the power of the administrative mind:

The administrative mind is responsible for the solutions to the problems that can occur. This is something that you should strengthen by being in the midst of mature people with experience and wisdom, because they will lead your managerial mind on a different level from the rest of the people and you will be able to solve problems differently and more wisely.

13. Sixth sense:

The sixth sense of intuition is the essence of all that we mentioned in the previous steps. In conclusion, as a result of all these factors combined, when you master the above principles you will be more able to determine the following steps and scientific, practical and spiritual sense of what is good for you and what can be Spoil your beautiful dream.

To reach the highest rank in this sense of bone you have to repeat everything that is said today and always remember that reaching this rank requires continuity, patience and effort, this process is slow and those who reach it will be able to achieve the full goals set for himself.

The Book of Thought Becomes Rich

The synthesis is centered around transforming desires into reality by:
1 - Put a picture or idea specific to what you want, do not be public in the picture, for example - I want to own a company - Be more specific - a real estate development company -.
2. For each action in return, set your goals accurately and specify the things you will get. Always remember that no deeds are free of charge.
3. Set a specific time to start and finish your goal.
4 - Put a plan to walk on it and you procrastination (procrastination).
5 - Without every note, no matter how small, on your way to achieve a goal there will be a lot of vital remarks that will need later.
6 - Give yourself positive messages always, you are able and you can reach your goal, repeat this with waking and before the immortality to sleep.

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