Sunday, September 16, 2018

The audience of "Albolvar" embarrass "Bent Alstati"

The audience of "Albolvar" embarrass "Bent Alstati"

The audience of "Albolvar" embarrass "Bent Alstati" .. They threw it with bottles and called it offensive descriptions and "Sabtoon" intervenes

Kaza built a pretext, in which there is a rib on the blocks of others and no Kivash racist in their eyes .. Maariv Dima we hear Hanna Vkazza I was born Kaza I am the daughter of Kaza Owa God is jealous of your Pope Shkaf and was absent after the need of Ngulo Ndolm Aalach be racist Haha and they are one Vogda year Bako Ttabo Bash They enter to sing to Kim Jolou Homa Haha

Hgrtu it Hitt bint weak Gens Hgar Mkhair in Hado stopped him Shi Pedra Gadi Abul Vrrrh I am the most important Mkajnbh rich and is not a small answers Mtlmohhh poor Poor is how to spot the case as a daughter of Maash I have the heads of her head Hit Baha Mkash Masali it means Kono manly man And the guidance of all Muslims

And brother Hakak Bqat Via tears and eyes Vshiaha Khaouz any one Kaiduz of each teenager and his circumstances and to meet his parents and hands Chamber of God bless God and walking Yebos to their head and reclining in them walker hungry people then Hadad

Every time we read the comments of Moroccans, we are afraid of the future of Morocco. More morally they have no respect for difference, no religion, they understand it, and God has given the freedom of atheism. Whoever wants to believe, and whoever wants to, will be forgiven. And the regime are Maarifinish until they are citizens and even their duties towards the homeland as they claim their rights in a wrong way YouTube, Utopians are empty, empty people, a mob called by Nass El Ghiwane, Fenn Gadi, Biya, brother, the people of Morocco is the real problem against any progress,

God is your shame, because she was a lioness, as a kebab, Ibeda, barking like a bitch, and she is singing, as she sings Mei Hetash for a decent dress.

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