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The Baltic and half truth Elias Khoury

The Baltic and half truth Elias Khoury

The US president decided to cut off the US contribution to UNRWA's budget in a pressure initiative that began cutting off $ 360 million in aid and would end in a trivial approach to the refugee issue by closing the agency.
Mr. Trump sounded the alarm. After the Nakba war, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) emerged as a temporary measure pending the implementation of relevant UN resolutions calling for the return of refugees to their homes or compensation for those who did not want to return.
The legal translation of these decisions assumes that the occupying state, that is, Israel, has the material and moral responsibility to implement the decision to return the refugees.
Today, a strange logic reigns among the ruling fascist right in Israel and the United States. When the return of the refugees comes back, the rulers of Israel and America are shocked, as if they have heard only one return: the return of the Jewish Diaspora 2,000 years later!
Trumpy logic wants to reveal all the elements of the game. The Americans and their Israeli allies are fed up with the thicket of the Arab system, its mercenaries and its cowardice. Arabs with the deal of the century but ... and did not object to the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem, but ... They do not like the Palestinian people, but ...
A US president who combines the characteristics of the Azhar and the Baltaji comes to him, hovers over a world-class circus, and understands only one language: deals and money.
Trump warns that he is not interested in the Arab-Israeli conflict, since there is no conflict except in certain newspapers and research institutions. Why should he continue to play a boring game while there are more intimate relations between Israel and Arab countries in order to confront the Iranian Shiite threat? ?!
Trump understood it on the fly, and said that it would end the subject, at the beginning of Jerusalem out of the negotiations, and today the refugees come out of the game, and tomorrow will exit the settlements, there is nothing left to negotiate it.
Trump invented the Palestinian question a new concept of negotiations: negotiations without negotiations, his son-in-law, Faysal negotiates the agreement quickly, and starts implementation without hesitation, amid applause of the Israeli prime minister and the fascists surrounding him.
It is likely that Trump was stunned by the smoothness with which the Israeli right succeeded in passing the law of the nation-state; the Zionist left's objection was dim and obnoxious, but the Palestinian objection could not reach the minimum by declaring a general strike day in all Palestine, And from Nablus to the Triangle.
Although the US president does not sell the Palestinians any illusion, he clearly tells them that they are strangers in their homeland, because this homeland is the homeland of the "Jewish people". Most of the Palestinian leaders insist on buying the illusion, sometimes from Egypt, and from Qatar and Turkey. We believe Europeans who do not believe themselves, and we threaten to stop the coordination of security and go to the international courts!
We do not know when the time will come to stop the security coordination with the Zionist Apartheid regime, and what are they waiting for? But what we know from the experience of the disaster that ended the Nakba war in 1948 is that the Nakba was the harvest of two simultaneous phenomena:
The first is the loss of Arab states to its decision clearly, as Britain was leading most of the Arab armies, which led us to implement the partition resolution distorted, without announcement, through agreements between Israel and the Arabs.
The second is the fragmentation of the Palestinian leadership, its divisions and its various loyalties, which led to the destruction of enormous struggles and sacrifices.
Look at our Arab and Palestinian reality Today, there is no single Arab state adjacent to Palestine, its political and military decision, from Syria to the Gulf and from Iraq to Egypt.
At the Palestinian level, fragmentation and divisions hide one issue: the feeling of those in power, both in Ramallah and in Gaza, that they are a real authority. From this point we can read the division that turned into a jigsaw puzzle.
Here is the first speech.
Trump said half the truth: the timer can not always be, but it is blocking the other half. Instead of paying the price of the crime, the victim must pay the price.
Trump revealed the game, telling the Palestinians that the aim of the game of Palestinian concessions was to reach further concessions.
The stadium is American-Israeli and there is no room for other players.
Arab kerosene and gas finance only.
The Palestinians are out of the stadium, and there is no place for them.
Instead of asking why Trump cut off US funding for UNRWA, we have to wonder what we did to implement UN resolutions on the return of refugees and the salvation of a whole people that, thanks to Oslo, has turned into a people of beggars.
We waited 70 years, and the "ration card" became part of the Palestinian and Arab literature, but not enough.
He who wants to say is enough to have the will and power.
But we did not move.
This American bully came to slap us with the truth that we were not prepared to hear.

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