Thursday, September 20, 2018

The best program to design the logo or logo professionally

The best program to design the logo or logo professionally

The best program to design the logo or logo professionally and easily gives you more than 500 logos ready with the possibility of profit from it

Do you own a channel on YouTube or have a blog or even a Facebook page. Looking for your own logo. So you're in the right place.
Those of us do not know Alfotoshob programs, which are designed primarily to modify the images and videos in order to raise the quality. Either for personal use, trading or selling. You may have tried many of them, especially Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Photoshop CS or Adobe After Effects

  But this type of program requires you to be a professional and experienced in this field. In addition to the fact that the majority of these programs require you to install a computer with high specifications. And often do not get the desired result, especially when it comes to the design of the logo (Loko).
That's why I liked to swear that this post is divided into two sections: a personal use section such as designing the logo for your page or channel ...
And a second section no less important than the previous one and he won some dollars if not less than hundreds of dollars through the sale of these designs.
This is what we will address in the last post, God willing.
So this is the program icon after downloading and installing it. As well as the first interface after entry.

 The program is very easy to deal with so I will not explain it so as not to be long. The program is a novel about personal experience.

After selecting the appropriate logo, this page will pop up

After editing the logo and finishing it, click on file and Save as image based on its image size and Scaling. You can control the image resolution from 10 to 1000 and I recommend you 500 and above. The more you choose a larger number, the more accurate the image will be. The size of the image can therefore be up to 80 Mb.

Immediately after pressing Save, you choose a place to save the image and name it.
As for the issue of profit using this program, you can encourage the reader to earn respectable amounts of not less than $ 50 a month without doing anything and a very simple slogan of the logos ready to give you the program. And sometimes without modification. And you can imagine dear reader profits when you modify them or when designing your own professional logo.
But if you ask me how. The answer is very simple through many platforms that allow you to share your creations. Our theme today (logos design) is no less important than what is being shared on a daily basis in these platforms: Khamasat Khamsat for Arabs and Fiverr as a Western site.

Download EximiousSoft Logo Designer

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