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The feast in cholera time! Tawfiq Rabahi

The feast in cholera time! Tawfiq Rabahi

Algeria looks like it does not belong to anyone. In the judgment they left everything and went to search for tricks that included (for them) a fifth term for the head of the seat He was unconscious. Those in the opposition dream of a way to prevent this state. Far from politics, no one cares. A people is fighting for a summit that has become difficult and tiring Society has lost the sense of pain.

That is why Algerians have not been so shocked by the news of the spread of cholera in areas around their capital, coinciding with Eid The last sacrifice. The common reaction of the general public immediately after the news spread, was that the disease, and worse, it is A natural outcome of the community's response.

The return from Algeria these days will keep in mind long images of dirt scattered everywhere in towns and regions Adjacent to the capital, in the not-so-distant past, it has been a spectacular promoter and productive area throughout the year. Today, it has become a breeding ground for different sizes open to the open, fed by stray dogs and abandoned cats , Emitting unpleasant odors and breathless.

The responsibility of this tragic situation is shared by officials in the various organs of the State with the general community. The first category used to default and the absence of accountability, nothing frightens them. And the second lost faith in the country after he had betrayed his rulers, so they act as if they were in a foreign land and have to destroy it Quickly.

With poor political and government performance, it is no surprise that cholera appears and worse. It is not surprising that a government official comes to say, as in every disaster and tragedy, that cholera is present in Other countries in the world, and that the state provided all possibilities «thanks to the valuable guidance of the President of the Republic» . Then he goes on his way and is followed by someone who dies with cholera or another.

Officials in the Algerian state are cut off from reality. They have nothing but their pictures in state television news broadcasts. Their first goal is to avoid all that would provoke the people and negatively affect the fifth state wedding. The waste that engulfs the country does not cause any reaction because the head of state does not see it or hear it About them, you will not be angry with them. These officials gave up their duties and responsibilities, and the people responded by abandoning the country. The result was cholera and other diseases forgotten by the world.

At the height of the panic caused by the families news of the spread of the disease, it was a breaking news in a television channel A local government official boasted that the government did not hide the truth from the people and told them immediately that it was With cholera!

On Thursday following the feast, the environment minister spoke of the start of a campaign to cleanse cities of waste. It may be a welcome initiative, but I do not hope because the minister turned the subject into a folkloric event, and I spoke In a television news bulletin separated from reality.

The most serious thing that Algeria suffers today is not health neglect, scientific and economic failure, and so on. These things can be remedied as soon as there is will and men. The most serious thing for the country is the collective resignation of the people for everything that is common. Public space no longer means anyone, and his tragic situation no longer bothers anyone. Public property belongs to the unknown does not ask for it. The good intentions of some people here and there fall apart in front of the hard and bitter reality.

Here, this dangerous spread of waste along the roads leading to cities and towns is interpreted. It is not rare to encounter, in the middle of the day, a handsome man coming down from a luxury car to throw bags Of household waste on a public roadway is certainly not conducive to his home. No one disowns him, no conscience prevents him, no law frightens him. With time these attitudes are familiar to the eye and the mind can hardly find anyone who is suffering.

This happens in times of openness to the information and image, and to the world and the daily issue of impressive models And respect for public affairs. Unfortunately, it happens in a society that is keen to highlight the manifestations of faith and religiosity: three-quarters of its adults Fasting Ashura and the day of Arafah and the days of Shawwal .. Mosques are crowded in every prayer .. Many of its members tend To boycott weddings just because a bit of music will play in it .. Care for the Sunnah in it not less On the assumptions, although not many differentiate between the two .. Etc.

In Lebanon, the waste crisis has become a national and even a regional crisis. In Iraq, society does not stop protesting. In Algeria, silence is applied.

In the past, the country's failed signs were images of militias riding open cars to sweep the city's streets Areas of conflict and firing at unknown targets. The signs of the failed state today are those wastes that do not believe what is said about it until you see it with the eye.

If you were a cartoonist to draw Algeria in the form of an object that stands around him and around him thousands of his sons are all carrying Fossa and each of them destroyed in his way where his arms reached.

* Algerian journalist writer

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