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The Muslim Brotherhood Party warns of "nonsense" and calls for an end to the siege on Gaza Bassam Badarin

The Jordanian street after Abbas's statement about "confederation": sharp criticism after "teaser" power and annoyance of the "real estate crew" who runs the file in America

The Muslim Brotherhood Party warns of "nonsense" and calls for an end to the siege on Gaza
Bassam Badarin

Amman - Al-Quds Al-Arabi: For a vague political reason until now, a Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas conveyed a speech to stir stagnant water in Jordan, as never before when he spoke suddenly and without introductions to a presentation by US President Donald Trump to establish a confederation with Jordan.
Of course, according to the Palestinian presidential statement, President Abbas was informed of the agreement, provided Israel joins the tripartite confederation. In fact, the incident is old and goes back to the orphan meeting held between Abbas and Trump months ago. The Jordanian side was informed of the contents of this dialogue.
Al-Quds Al-Arabi has heard in the Amman forums many times Palestinian officials, including Nasser al-Kidwa, Saeb Erekat, and others. They talk about the American proposal, which is easily dismissed by President Abbas when he linked him to the impossible, Israel's approval of a tripartite confederation.
Al-Quds Al-Arabi heard earlier Jordanian Prime Minister Taher al-Masri and several times, noting with some ironic irony that there is no hint of Israel and at a time when the Israeli right is superior to any project of any kind. The Egyptian view is familiar and familiar, not new. The man is talking about Judaizing the land, liquidating the Palestinian cause, controlling the holy sites with American cover, and deporting the Palestinian population in a systematic and slow process under the guise of an economy, as the settlements grow and become a border reality on the ground. Al-Masri insists on questioning any project that Israel can accept, no matter how Arab, Palestinian or Jordanian concessions are made.


And the jittery rhythm in the Jordanian street after the statements of President Abbas, for several reasons, refuses to take such observations, but a wise political expert of the weight of Dr. Mamdouh al-Abadi knows, and as Al-Quds Al-Arabi understood, that President Abbas is actually making fun of the impossible American proposal when he places Israel's admission as a condition for the so- .
On the level of elites in Jordan and on the official level what was quoted from the statements of Abbas is not a nuclear secret, the incident is old and the Jordanian authority is aware of it and the Palestinian president knows that his goal of putting Israel's consent in response to Trump's proposal is closer to an erroneous version of an American proposal that is not viable. In the process of making any concession in favor of a peace process and not in favor of integration or relationship with neither the Authority nor Jordan.
Therefore, the brutal attack on President Abbas at the party level and social networking during the last two days can be considered an expression of rooting for Jordanian internal congestion and excessive sensitivity to the repercussions of the so-called deal of the century rather than a deliberate harassment of the Palestinian Authority president.
According to the trend and trajectory of accusations against the PA and Abbas, it is possible to say that the mood of the Jordanian street sends letters to the Jordanian government before the Palestinians as long as Abbas's criticism and questioning of power is permitted and does not involve any cost, especially since the mood of the Jordanians today is too enthusiastic in inciting against the American arrangements. It is hard to convince people that they have not matured in a low heat behind the scenes.

Responses of the Jordanian street

Here the reactions of the Jordanian street emerged in more than one language and on more than one level. Pragmatically, the Islamic trend, which commented on regional events in Qatar, has always been an opportunity to remind the Palestinian leadership of the need to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip and Hamas to stabilize the resistance and resistance. The spokesman of the Islamic Action Front, the largest opposition party, Sheikh Murad al-Adayla, considered the talk of a Jordanian-Palestinian confederation at this time nonsense and referred to a suspicious role for such statements.
Opponents and activists on the other hand in the Jordanian street, some of them whipped over the statement of President Abbas and emerged readings recall that the intended conclusion of the deal century in order to return to the formula of the draft tripartite confederation previously proposed by the late Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres or those formulations contained in the document Abbas - Beilin's famous and beyond the substantive reality does not seem the Israeli right today is concerned.
The Jordanian decision-making circles describe Jared Kouchner and Greenblatt as saying that they and the US ambassador in Tel Aviv are dealing with the issue and the peace process as if it were a real estate deal because of what the former court minister, Dr. Marwan Muasher, said was very ignorant of the facts and details. Thus, the warnings of the Jordanian street in the context of a noisy rhythm for two days as a response to the alleged conspiracy of the Confederation until the Palestinian presidency was forced to issue a statement on the advice of its adviser Nabil Abu Rudeineh responds to the accusations of the Jordanian street implicitly confirm the old Palestinian position that the confederation or other determined by the two peoples national will with the reference to The question of confederation has been on the agenda of the Palestinian leadership since 1984.
It is believed that some circles in the Jordanian political community will accumulate from the internalization of their internal messages to the authority and to the government together under the title of the sensitivity of the confederation and adherence to President Abbas's statement despite any explanations or details even if the sudden talk about the confederation is nothing more than a test balloon.

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