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The types of content that gets the highest interaction rate

The types of content that gets the highest interaction rate

Social networks are full of different types of content. This fact makes it more difficult to compete and makes it necessary to find a clear and effective point of differentiation. Social partnerships are the key, since recommendations made by real people are more useful than those provided by the same brands; in most circumstances. Thus, all you have to do is produce content that is good enough to drive the reader to share it with friends and followers.

But, what kind of content would be more likely to participate? How does it differ by domain and by social network? A study by Clear Voice answers these questions and more.

What types of content provide the best performance?
During this study, the company analyzed more than 640,000 articles / postings / publications / infographics etc ... in 14 specific fields including business, art, fashion and others. The results were amazing, and varied from one area to another in whole or in part.

For example, infographics are the most effective content types in about one-third of the areas considered. The long content has shown excellence in the areas of technology, beauty, travel and home business; while the content that explains how to do something is better in art and elsewhere.

Of course, you can not always write content in the form of lists or create an infographic because diversity is a key and important factor. But these results only open your eyes until you see the picture from a different perspective. This is a picture from within the study that shows the best types of content in each area:

Where do social posts occur in every field?
The company also looked at the social networks where content is consumed in each area and shared more widely and the results were more mixed. In the business sector, 61% of the shares monitored were through LinkedIn. Facebook came in second with 35.7% (you may notice that Twitter is not there, because the company closed social entries from their API last year)

In the field of recruitment, 73% of the entries were made on Facebook, and 23% on LinkedIn

But in areas such as beauty and health, 76% of the reviews took place on the Binterest network. 23 on Facebook, and 0% on LinkedIn.

In each area, Clearvoice supports the report with a graph showing the platforms and tools of engagement, the best days in terms of interaction, and the best influencers. Very useful report.

This study is a fatal blow to those who believe that the process of marketing content is fixed regardless of the field or classification does not change from one area to another in whole or in part.

This description is taken from Convince and Convert. You can download the full study here

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