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Top 7 sites to download games and for all different platforms!

Top 7 sites to download games and for all different platforms!

There is no doubt that the games of things that resort to many of the fun and entertainment and we are not aware that there are obsessed with games and for that the number of sites that specialized in the field of lifting games, including the large and the unknown unknown, but it is rare to find a reliable site, In today's post, I offer you the best 7 sites to download the games for all the different platforms (PC / XBOX / PS2 / PS3 / WII / PSP / MAC) that you will not need to search for activation games or anything where all you have to do download the game and follow the steps Mentioned sites to run the game.

1 - Wifi4Games site:

Arabic site specializes in raising the latest and latest video games and links directly and fully on the servers of high-speed support for completion and is a fierce competitor to huge sites in this area, such as Ocean Of Games and Skidrow Reloaded, where it is 100% free site and gives you full freedom to download Any game available on the site is absolutely free.

For example, I will download the FIFA 2017 game, after accessing the page you click on the download link directly and the game will be downloaded directly, and you will find a video explanation of the method of installing the game.
Location: Wifi4Games

2 - Ocean of Games:

The site of Ocean of Games is the most famous site to download the full games of the computer and goes without definition, the site features the games to upload servers very fast and supports the completion of download, the site provides new games and old and its advantages that it provides you a video for each game to explain the way to install and run without problems You can also choose from over 15 different categories and choose your favorite category.

For example, I will download the game downward, after accessing the page you will find some pictures about the game and the requirements of the game play and below you will find rice download and all you have to do is click on it to start loading with you directly.

Location: Ocean of Games

3 - Game Torrent site:

If the site of Ocean of Games is the best site to download the games with direct links Games Torrent site is the best site to download games BitTorrent links, the site features an elegant and simple design and all games classified to more than 10 different varieties, what I like that it provides the latest and latest games .

For example, I will download the game Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare, after access to the game download page you find a general description of the game and some of the images and the requirements of operation and installation method, after clicking on the name of the game as shown in the image will be loading the game on the program BitTorrent.

Location: Game Torrent

4 - Fully PC Games:

A great site like any of the above mentioned sites also provides you with the latest games and programs, the site has about 10 different ratings to download games.

For example, I will download the Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition Game, when you access the page you will see some pictures of it and the size of the game and the requirements of the operation and download button, you click the Download Now button to take you to the download page and all you have to do is wait only 10 seconds To convert the Huge Sharing site which provides high load speed.

Then click on download now to start the download directly.
Location: Fully PC Games

5 - PCGames-Download:

A special site to download the latest games and beautiful in the site when you enter it you will find the alphabet from A to Z where you have to click on the character that begins with the name of the game you want to download.

When choosing a game you will have access to the download page and you will find that the games were uploaded to about 8 different lifting sites, including the famous site MEGA and there is a page on the site shows you how to install games and install the crack and install updates correctly.
NOTE: The site provides games with the latest available updates and DLC

Location: PCGames-Download

6. Crohasit site:

A great site to download games with direct links and links BitTorrent also has more than 10 different sections to facilitate the finding of games and the site is characterized by a simple and elegant design and provides you with a special section for you to request games, games are uploaded on the site MEGA famous with the provision of torrent links

When you access the page of any game you will see some information about the game and some images and the requirements of operation and installation method and download links are different.
Download: When you click on it you download a game from the famous Mega site.
Torrent Download: When you click it you will download a game via Torrent.
Direct Download: When clicked, the game will be downloaded with a direct link.

7 - The famous Game Torrent site:

The site of the terrible and rich from the definition and the first in the field of download games BitTorrent, and what distinguishes the site from other that it allows you to download games for another platform, such as games, Xbox, Playstation games and WII games and PSP games and Nintendo games and games Mac devices and All this with torrent links.

When you want to download any game that takes you to a page similar to this where you find the description game and advertising game of its own, and to download this game all you have to click on Descargar Torrent and will download a torrent file, and you open BitTorrent program to find that the game began to download.
Location: Game Torrent

Now my brother / sister you have in your hands the best sites to download all games with direct links or BitTorrent and all platforms, if you like a post Do not skimp on us in a comment and do not skimp your friends and shared with them to benefit the benefit, any question put in a comment and I will be ready to respond to God , In the safety of God.

Subject: By: Laskri Mohamed
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