Sunday, September 23, 2018

Why download this wonderful new application on your Android phone!

Why download this wonderful new application on your Android phone!

 Without any introductions or anything, today you will learn about a very beautiful application that makes your Android phone more beautiful.

The idea of ​​today's application is to create an interface for your phone and you do not need to download boring posts. You can create your own interface with your own taste. The idea of ​​this app you'll learn soon is that it gives you a large collection of widgets or windows on the phone Such as timing and others, it offers you a large variety of these wonderful movements, all you have to do is upload the application KWGT and you will find a link to download the bottom of the post, and then go to the surface of the phone and press long press and select Add Widgets or add a new window, Find your application today.

Then you will see a set of sizes, you will choose a measurement as you want, you can choose the wide, small or even large, to loathe the latter to the list of the shape you want, and here you will find a variety of different shapes and beautiful design and attractive.

Then you will enter the settings interface and here you will only click on the save icon at the top of the screen, we will not change anything and in the end you will find the WIDGET added to your phone surface and added to the style and beauty.

The application is available on many different shapes. You can choose any design you like and love your taste.
Application Download Link: KWGT

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