Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Wild Women" | Sunni Patterson

" Wild Women " - Sunni Patterson

With lightning on her tongue, Sunni Patterson performs her powerful poem, "Wild Women," accompanied by the entrancing moves of dancer Chanice Holmes.

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So many words, so many emotions, so little truth and meaning. Politically motivated and as attractive, as nose rings

as an African,
why do black Americans feel the need and entitlement to fake how African they are?
its bloody cringey jesus.....and these face piercings its just something the devil would do hahaspawns of satan

The fact that you can spew this pandering pseudo-artistic language followed by a few African words and get a room full of guilty white people to bark like seals never ceases to amaze me. Is anyone else seeing how void of substance this really is?

So can anyone tell me why is everyone so much angry about a black woman reciting a poem? Does it reveal your deep insecurities?

Bonus points: don't hide behind what you think TED should be about.

Slam... poetry. Yelling! Angry! Waving my hands a LOT! Specific point of view on THINGS! Cynthia! Cyn-thi-a! Jesus died for our sin-thi-as! Jesus cried, runaway bride. Julia Roberts! Julia Rob... hurts! Cynthia! Ooh, Cynthia! You're dead. You are dead. Bop boop beep bop bop boop bop. You're dead. That's for Cynthia! who's dead.

I'm free noone can control me. The rings in my face say I make my own choices. I need nothing from you, only money for food and some more for a really nice place to live

I don't understand the anger, it's just a poem about black women and empowerment. Not exactly my flavour of content but I'm not arrogant to think everything on TED should cater to me.

Oh god these comments are a trash fire.
This awoke something inside me. So beautiful. Thank you Tedx for including these amazing artists work. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wild women? You mean strong women who are leaders and feminine without being something they are not? Yeah those women are being oppressed by you trying to empower the weak to do what they are not genetically capable of. Load of bullshit this speech was. Real wild women don't talk, they act.

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