Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NBC: Brother of Salman and al-Qahtani tried to persuade Khashoggi to return

NBC: Brother of Salman and al-Qahtani tried to persuade Khashoggi to return

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was invited months ago to meet with the Saudi ambassador to Washington, Khalid bin Salman, the brother of the crown prince after reviewing the embassy, ​​the NBC network said.

Khashoggi visited the consulate for a routine matter and, when one of the staff members knew of him, hurried to contact the office of Ambassador Khalid bin Salman, who asked to meet Khashoggi on the top floor and the meeting lasted half an hour.

She pointed out that the sources did not disclose what happened at the meeting, but came under a campaign lasted months by the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia to lure opponents to return to Saudi Arabia first through friendly encouragement and then through letters of warning and threat and ended with the terrible killing in Istanbul, according to the network.

One source quoted Khashoggi at the time as saying how Khaled bin Salman treated him during the meeting and whether he was aggressive or threatened. "No, it was very nice and we had a nice chat," one source quoted Khashoggi as saying.

NBC said the three sources confirmed that Khalid bin Salman and Saud al-Qahtani, a top adviser to Mohammed bin Salman, had been in contact for at least a year in Khashoggi to persuade him to return despite his outspoken criticism of the Saudi leadership.

"He was told that they would welcome him warmly if he returned to the kingdom." Al-Qahtani offered him a high position in the Royal Court or in a Saudi think tank, according to two Khashoggi friends.

One of Khashoggi's friends said that Al-Qahtani in one of the contacts: "Began .. Jamal .. Come to the house we miss you here ... then a lot of nonsense .. And everything will forgive you and we will give you a nice job."


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