Monday, October 22, 2018

What is the surprise that Erdogan will blow up in his speech tomorrow?

What is the surprise that Erdogan will blow up in his speech tomorrow? Why do we think that the "status" of the body is the most important chapter in this painful tragic series? Did the delay come to open the way for a "deal"? Which theories are most likely in this field? What are the possible implications for the future of the Saudi Crown Prince?

The world is holding its breath in anticipation of the speech of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday because it is perhaps the most important episode in the long Turkish series that revolves around the assassination of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the headquarters of his consulate in Istanbul. The postponement of the speech was a few days to increase the excitement, The area has some bargains, and maybe bargains.
Who will turn to international television stations to broadcast this speech live on the air, will search for specific sentences, and answers to many questions that hesitate for twenty days, most notably whether the body of the victim was found, whether cut or sound, and how the killing, suffocation or Is the head will be with the body, or was it transferred to Riyadh in one of the black bags?
This is the first time. Since the beginning of the crisis, President Erdogan has been addressing the world. He has resorted to leaks attributed to "unknown" Turkish sources, such as excitement, keeping the crisis alive, and putting pressure on the Saudi authorities to abandon the situation. "Denial" and recognition of the crime Thirdly, the Turks have perfected the implementation of this strategy subtly calculated for them, and proved to be "experts" in the art of public relations, while the failure of their Saudi counterparts in this brother Tabbar, and their story was shaky, lacking credibility and full of holes.
The announcement of the body of the deceased will be a short-lived event and a quick and strong achievement of the Turkish security services, taking into consideration that the latest Saudi official accounts confirmed that he was strangled after a fight with his interrogators inside the consulate. One Turkish leak said that the strangulation took eight minutes, While others said Ras al-Khashoggi, who was cut by a chainsaw, was transferred to Riyadh to "reassure" the officials, headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince, Crime.
The official Saudi position will be in an embarrassing position, even shocking, if President Erdogan confirms the authenticity of the stories that have spoken of the electric bone saw, whose image and all the "jokes" that have been written around it will continue to haunt them and keep them awake for years to come. The oceans of the world will shed the blood of this crime and its effects, and the impurities suspended in the leadership of Saudi Arabia Arab, Islamic, and global.
Do not exaggerate, too, if we say that Erdogan's expected "official testimony", backed by pictures and documents, will embarrass many Arab governments that have rushed to issue formal statements in solidarity with the kingdom, emphasize its transparency and pay tribute to their respect for human rights, directly or indirectly, These countries, the credibility of their investigations and data.
There are two developments on how President Erdogan will deal with this crisis, perhaps reflected in his speech tomorrow:
The first is that he will be firm in uncovering all the facts, not in favor of the Saudi response, because he considers Prince Salman and his state the first enemy of his country and does not want to see him in power for 50 years, so he will insist on keeping the case alive, The Saudi Covenant.
Second, it confirms that President Erdogan is a pragmatist who is skilled at making deals, and that his country may exploit this crime to achieve the greatest political and economic gains for his country. For example, he signs a deal with President Trump, To end the crisis of the fall of the Russian plane Sukhoi near the Syrian-Turkish border two years ago.

It is difficult to exclude either theory, although we tend to be the first most likely to many, including us, the relations between President Erdogan and Saudi Arabia were not good any day, and was competitive between the two Sunni references, reference Mecca, and the reference of Astana , Or Istanbul, and the two countries stand in opposite trenches on various issues, and despite their agreement on the Syrian file throughout the crisis, it was cold and minimal coordination.
The circle is narrowing around Saudi Arabia and the crown of its Crown Prince Prince Salman, perhaps culminating after Erdogan's speech Tuesday, although we believe that he will not end the curtain of the crisis that has engulfed the world, but the beginning of a new and different and more exciting phase in this tragic and long series Boring in search of an end in which both the divine and the temporal justice prevail.
We will wait for Erdogan's most important speech in his political history, and with us the whole world, and we do not rule out or be surprised by many surprises, and it is certain that there are no leaks after him, but practical steps on the ground, and the stacks of political strangulation, or "leaflets". In all cases .. We strive here, and will win the wages of diligent at least .. And God knows best.

Abdel Bari Atwan

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